The McDonalds Drive-Through Rap + Lyrics

Awesome. These guys went to a McDonalds drive-through and rapped their order into the speaker. The lyrics and beatbox are pretty good, but what I love even more, is when the order-taker says, “I’m sorry, I only caught the cheeseburger; can you throw that down again?”

To help you big-mac-rap along with the video below, I wrote down the words to the McDonalds rap below — just imagine a beatbox background and someone repeating “Big Mac” over and over:

McDonalds Rap Lyrics:
I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce

Don’t be frontin son — no seeds on the bun

We be up in this drive through order for two

I gots a cravin’ fo’ a numba nine like my shoe

We need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle

For rizzle my mizzle, extra salt on da frizzle

Doctor pepper my brothah, another for ya motha

Double-double supah size and don’t forget the fries

McDonald’s employees will be privy to a lot more rhyme-busting, now that these guys have paved the way with big mac rap lyrics ‘n’ goodness… McD’s couldn’t pay for a better PR campaign. I can see it now, Burger King vs. McDonalds rap battles, ringtone downloads, “MC Donald”…fogetaboutit.

  • MikeB

    Absolutely. It's a brilliant work like this that justifies the creation of the Internet.

    Alrighty, I'm headed to Burger King with my geetar…

    • beth

      u mean guitar haha

  • Office Overlord

    You know, THIS is why I love YouTube. These guys never would’ve done this if they couldn’t get the thrill of sharing it with the world. This is creativity at its finest. Great stuff!


    • Matt

      this video was originally stolen, off of the guy who made it's website and some other guy put it on youtube and got all the views when the original creator got no credit.

    • Dan

      you know what is was on the guys website then someone stole it from him and put it on and made lots of money and the guy who made the rap has got no money and tacobell stole the rap and made it a commercial

  • Tara

    I LOVE that crispy/fried bit. What a funny clip.

    • Emallia Rose

      lolololollol :D me too :LLLLL

  • Jay

    Not to split hairs, but I believe it’s “extra salt on the frizzle.” Oh, and great find, by the way.

  • MikeB

    Jay – I think you’re right, thanks for the tip. I just corrected the lyrics above.

    And, nice find on the latest drive through rap. These guys’ rhythms aren’t quite as phat, but the lyrics are good, and the incorporation of guitar, etc is solid. Niiiiice. :)

    • sharice lee

      i agree with you 2

  • Jordan

    I don’t think he says “In this skizzle”, I think he says “In this hizzle”, as in “house”, even though that doesn’t make much sense, either.

    • Jeefreey

      yea nd it says for izzle my mizzle.. shuldnt it be nizzle? lol

  • Megan

    lol–i def LOVE ths..thy r gr8

  • mtichell.c

    this is soooooooooo funny its the best thing i ever heard.. and the crispy at the end is asum

    • beth

      u mean awesome?? haha

  • Junior MacDonald

    the crispy part was the worst mtichell and it was not gr8 megan. I am named after this restaurant lol. poop is tasty!!!!!!!

  • MikeB

    So wait, I don’t get the lyric: “…we need some chicken, in this disel.” Jordan’s “hizzle” guess makes more sense to me… Any other ideas what that line might be?

  • Joe

    He says “in the bizzle”, crackas.

  • Joe

    I mean, “in THIS bizzle”, and bizzle is in b*tch.

  • cami

    on the part where its like doctor pepper yeah its not for my brotha is just my brotha

    and its hizzle. =)

  • fontain hughes

    i guess that rapp beats my act of going into mcdonalds dressed as the king from burger king, ordering 10 whopers n some chicken fries

  • MikeB

    Just changed it to “Doctor Pepper my brotha…” Thanks for the tip. Still not sure about the skizzle/bizzle line..?

    • preston

      great job man thats awesomeand i think its hizzle because its talking about house a.k.a mcdonalds fast food restaurant. but then again it could be skizzle meaning fyer so ya its complicated. ; /

    • frida

      dang now i want a big mac

  • zach

    hey guys this is my brothers best friend he was in the car with him and i was in the car behind him and this clip is from washington. my bro and i and him pretty much came up with it and it is skizzle!!!!!! god damnit

  • B. sLePt

    I believe “skizzle” is actually “dizzle” and the word “mizzle” is “nizzle”.

  • Shawn Ruml

    Is there any way I can get just an audio copy of the song so I can put it on a CD?

  • lore

    haha. funniest thing ever.

    what people would acctually do that?

  • WOOT!

    CRAZY!! THATS AMAZING! I love how he says: oh… you… you ruined the rap there…

  • big mac?

    haha absolutely hysterical. “crispy, crispy, just say crispy”

  • Amanda

    i emailed the dude and the line is “in this hizzle, for rizzle my nizzle” so maybe that will end the lyric war! lol

  • david

    change it.

  • ur mom

    ur guys are Fuckers at least he can make a rap can u if u can then video it send it to you tube bitches

    • preston

      shut it bi**h cause i can make a rap and i made one for taco bell!! so su*k it! HA!!!!!!!!!

    • mystery

      you suck you think your just cool cause you cussin n' stuff well newsflash for you stumach lumps i bet you cant make a rap either

      • shawwwtyyyy

        ayye doe dat go hard

    • mystery

      oh and another thing heres a rap for ya: you suck so much my grandmas better than you, just thinkin of yo name makes me wanna go poo, so log off delete your self before we all die, and do yourself a favor go cuss to someother guy. oh and just to let ya know im a girl and im ten. YOU JUST GOT PWNED.

      • who cares

        watch your language little girl

  • Lance

    you guys have a talent for this your able to take any normal day thing and filp it into a rap! Well done

  • Rickster5230

    yo this is the best shit i ever fucking seen…….me and my homies did the same thing but at carls jr …so if you want the rap lyrics …email me

  • siera

    wats up ur rap is ight for peeps in da thirtys

  • siera

    this is so tight i memorizad the whole thing! but m freinds need a lot of practice



  • http://idk bob

    OMG im gunna go try that! but of course wit my guitar… haha thanx now i got that stuck in my head… haha nice…PEACE OUT HOMIE

  • Uche I. And Adam (SEinfeld) LEmbaris

    This sh!t is mad sick IM BOUTTA GO do it

  • Rg

    hahahaha, itsw stuck in my head for days…but im making a better rap for wendys..but good job my nizzle..and by the way its nizzle not mizzle haha…pce out

  • Krystal

    Diz iz tha tiighest rap! me and my sisters and friends be rappin it all tha time!…those guys where s00 great!…well crispy!!!

  • Nick

    I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce
    Don’t be frontin son — no seeds on the bun
    We be up in this drive through order for two
    I gots a cravin’ fo’ a numba nine like my shoe
    We need some chicken up in here, in this HIZZLE
    For rizzle my NIZZLE, extra salt on da frizzle
    Doctor pepper my brothah, another for ya motha
    DOUBLE-double supah size and don’t forget the fries

  • Paul

    YO MAN THAT SHIT WAS G!!!! maybe you should make some more.

  • Paul

    I checked with 20 people and I listened to it 37 times. It isnt skizzle it is hizzle. hizzle means house, and it is commonly used anywhere to talk about any place at any time.

  • DreamSpin

    After much debate, it looks like the majority of you believed the line was “…in this hizzle” instead of ‘skizzle,’ so I finally changed it. Thanks for all the feedback!

  • bigCiz

    Yo, listen to it closely, it is skizzle

  • dankster

    i went 2 mcd’s nd did this nd they really say all i got was the cheesebuger. nd they really let u just go with

  • Morphew

    i love this rap i have it on my myspace

  • emily

    haha okay im sitting here with the lyrics printed out and i keep telling myself im only going through it one more time…but its just so fun to sit here and :P
    great rap, love it.

  • Timmy Fresh

    This shit is funny as hell me and a couple of my boys are bout to go do tha same thing we are tryin to come up with one for Burger King!


  • Kurttheman24

    and what kind of chicken but other dan dat its awsome

  • cody

    That was some wiked stuff i’ve memorized the lyrics and am gonna do when i’m older because i’m only 13


  • CrazyyDrumm3r

    Lmfao. My Friends Cusin is in the back of the car :P

  • Big Mac 4

    Big Mac…. Double Double Super Size And Don’t The Fries!


  • buddy wacket

    duuuuuuude this is the BEST!! i beat off to dat homie its so ill me and my patners r gunna go try dat stuff

    extra crispy skeet!!!

  • PEP

    At the end you can hear his friend whispering to him “Crispy…Say crispy!”

  • The Jaguar

    Now I know What to order next time i go to Mc D’s…………lol

  • lexxi

    wow the person who raps this is mad hottt!!!!

  • http://JOE JOE

    i did this, but i rode my bike to it and the guy started yelling at the next guy to drive up lmao

  • hurby durbo

    oi man thats prety damn awsome i no it by hert coz us got it stuck in mi head
    make more of them okay thats F***1Ng AWSOME !!!!

  • Anonymous

    Yo this is so kool i will tke it and shove it down my friends mouth untill he tastes the furry of the BIG MAC sweet you done a great job boys lets have a wet t-shirt contest so every one can see my hairy
    man titties and see my hairy man legs Iand every one put rude coments because they know they can’t do a good JOB.

  • Jessica AND DeDe

    OMG me and my best friend mesmorized this whole rap today!!!!!it is like sooooooo AWESOME!!!!!!!!well i gotta go because we are going to mcdonalds and were going to do ur rap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    from:the preps!!!!

  • bryan

    How the FUCK are you goin’ to hold the lettuce if the double cheese burger DOES NOT come with it ?! =)

  • kyle

    your song was the shizzle!

  • walter sachel

    My friends showed me this fukin video and i laughed my ass of it was the shit
    Skeet motha fuka

  • walter sachel

    I think Im gonna go do that at a different drive through cause my cous is a good rapper and i was planning to do it at Burger King

  • Terisa McJameson

    Hahahha! I love that song, itz pretty cool. My friend, Delancey, is crazy bout this song. It made one little mistake and she’s sending a comment to tell everyone that the song doesnt say “hizzle” and that it says “dizzle”

  • Delancey

    Ok, dude this is wrong, go to (the person who made the song) and go to docs(documents) and the actual lyrics are there, you got some words wrong, i should know, i sing this song every day. its actually:
    Fast Food Freestyle

    I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce Don’t be frontin’ son No seeds on the bun We be up in this drive-thru …order for two I gots a cravin’ for a number nine …like my shoe We need some chicken up in here …in this dizzle For rizzle my mizzle Extra salt on the frizzle Dr. Peppa my brotha Anotha for your motha Double double super-size and don’t forget the fries

  • http://hgf Killer

    does anybody know where i can download this for my mp3?

  • Morgannn

    Oh my goshhh, I LOVE this song. It’s the best ever.

    I wonder how many kids have gone up to a McDonald’s and “rapped” this.

    Whoever wrote/did this is amazing, and my hero foreverr.

  • eDDiie

    hahahahah u no how many times ive gone to maccas and dun datt lmfaoo funny az i fink ders 1 on youtube as well lol

  • darren

    that song was fnny as heck hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • LaDanian Tomlinson

    This is my rap:
    I need a double quarter pounder and hold the pickles. Dont be burnin that or i’ll frickin send it back. we be up in this long line an hour or 2. So u better get this order right or i’ll hurt u. We need chocolate shakes up in here.In this neasy, for reasy my teasy Make the fries extra greasy. Can i get a sprite my man and a root beer if u can. If it’s not against the law give me 4 bendy straws

  • lol

    The sad aprt is that they dont even made the rape and they jsut put the original one on the video the drive thru persons are aprt of the song

  • catherine

    this is sooo GAY i know this off the top of my head no matter were i am or what im doin i can say this rap all day everyday!!! so “I DONT LIKE YOU , SAY SUMMIN ELSE SMART TO ME , AND IF YOU DO LIKE IT CALL LENDING TREE . COM AND GET THE HELL OUT”!!!

  • Anonymous

    its not frizzle.
    its grizzle

    grizzle is another name for the fat on a piece of chicken

  • adamb53

    hey its not “no seeds on the bun” its “no seeds on bundlebee” not sure if it s “bundlebee” or “bunnelbee” or w/e but its not bun, its def something like what i said.

    also its not “we be up in this drive through” its just “up in this drive through”

  • Brittany

    hey everybody i got the real lyrics…so listen up
    Big Mac, Big Mac, Big Mac
    I need a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce
    dont be frontin son no seeds on the bun
    we be up in this drive thru, order for two
    i got a craving for a number nine like my shoe
    we need some chicken up in here, in this dizzle, for rizzle my nizzle
    Extra salt on the frizzle
    Dr.Pepper for my brotha another for your motha
    double double super size and dont forget the fries…(3 times-one time normal, second time is slow, and third time is FAST!!)

    • Brittany

      wait i messed up its
      "we need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle, fo rizzle my nizzle"

  • Ahhlee(:

    I'ddd Sayyy,, thiss is AMAZING! haa, mee and all my friends did thiss for a voiceemail(: mustt lovee itt.

  • Andy

    One of the sickest raps ever ^__^

  • someone

    it the best rap lyrics i have ever heard

  • sombody

    u need to wright some more rap lyrics and than mabe u might become famous i think u did a good job on this . oh and wright some more rap lyric about mc donalds cause i think u desve to be famous well thats what i think. well igot to go now so see u late my brother from another.

  • mAnAgErJuLiA

    mcdonald's doesnt sell dr. pepper…..well….most dont …..but AMAzING video i want someone to come through my drive thru and rap!

  • tommeh

    I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce

    Don’t be frontin son — no seeds on the bun

    We be up in this drive through order for two

    I gots a cravin’ fo’ a numba nine like my shoe

    We need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle

    For rizzle my mizzle, extra salt on da frizzle

    Doctor pepper my brothah, another for ya motha

    Double-double supah size and don’t forget the fries

  • lavendera

    you all ned to shut the fuck up!

  • jacobrod

    this song is tighht son

  • morgan

    i love this song and so do my peeps in the hizzle hahah get it!!!!!!!!

  • lisa

    ooo you ruined the rap >:]

  • Vamppy

    I LIKE THE SCREAMO version better then the rap!

  • kami

    hahahaha yall are like famous now!

  • lkb

    this is awesome!!! im gonna make a video for this song!!!LOL

  • gay guy

    im gay

  • flo_rida-007

    even though u guys are fightin for lyrics i think this guys in da video have lots of talent to make a rap of mcdonalds. so on gonna make a vid of me and ma peps rappin in bk i will post it soon in youtube so be ready

  • flo_rida-007

    i meant to say so im gonna make a vid of me n ma peps. i made a mistake in so im n pu so on

  • gay guy

    so any one else gay cuz i can really use a guy rite now

  • lady cashier

    they suck. lady cashier caught everything.


  • mathew

    its actually
    i need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce dont be frontin son no seeds on the bun we need some chicken up in here in this dizzle for frizzle my mizzle extra salt on dizzle doctor pepper my brother another another for you mother double double super size and dont forget the fries

  • colleen

    this is too good.

  • mjkljh

    innnnmmgyhv kjhkjhgjv ghf

  • j2cool

    i already know the song i think it is 2 good.

  • Song

    I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce

    Don’t be frontin son — no seeds on the bun

    We be up in this drive through order for two

    I gots a cravin’ fo’ a numba nine like my shoe

    We need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle

    For rizzle my mizzle, extra salt on da frizzle

    Doctor pepper my brothah, another for ya motha

    Double-double supah size and don’t forget the fries


    lol.!! You have some talent for raping.!! :P

  • blaze

    yo listen up bitch to what i say next
    i want a 5 piece box of chicken selects
    sour crean and chive,smokey barbecue dips
    go easy on the chilli coz it gives me shits
    big up the fries and salt them well
    dont be spitting in me coke coz i can tell
    fill it to the top i dont like it on the rocks
    aint got time to wait so be pulling out the stops

  • alex

    Lmao I Love this me and my friend memorized this :) It just makes our Day :)

  • joe stodolski

    now thats the shizzle!!!!!! hahahaha………..and i want it EXTRA crispy!!!!!

  • Adrienne

    She cut them off and she was like '' grilled or crispy'' and they were like ''oh you just ruined teh rap there'' ''well you didn't tell me what you wanted, we got a numba 9, grilled or crispy?''
    And they sang the rap again and and he was like ''crispy crispy just say crispy '' lol
    I lol'd at the slow mo part ROFL

  • nicholas

    jeannette mccurdy and nathan kress did that

  • yopeepz

    il try this on a mcdonalds here :D

  • joe

    i know the guy who made it he's my neighbor

  • tanya

    ur hudge gurl

  • Candace


  • http://hhhat.webleadam/ggg Jacklyn

    frizzle? are you stupid enough to beleve that????

  • jean


  • shae

    what a cool rap!!!

    • david

      i know huw r u

  • erin

    i love this :)

  • Chris

    This is the fucking bomb duuuude!

  • angie

    Omg this is awesomnesss!! lol I Cnt get it out of my head

  • jayyy babee

    how bout dis i want a double cheese burger extra large make it 2 im in-charge um um um big mac um um um big mac take it to my town pass it around take a bit and say um dats tike um um um big mac um um um big ayyyeeee :) ;)

  • jamesmcdonald

    yo my name is raonld mcdonald becuase every day i need a big mc so i can go and meet roanld

  • Random

    lolz hilarious

  • blaKE

    DUDEs my friends told me about this… ITS BEASTLY!

  • anthony morse

    wrd beast as hell

  • dawn

    i have one….
    i like mickey D's quarter pounder with cheese
    large frie super size
    diet coke for the fat fokes
    chicken nuggets happy meal
    i like how you smile
    i like how you feel

  • Dude

    It's "fa rizzle my mizzle" not For rizzle my mizzle

  • Leslie Montana

    I LOVE IT.

  • shelly

    these guys got balls— crispy

  • hillo


  • Gavin

    this was the gr8est vid ever

  • Gavin

    who thinks they would like me :)

  • jessica

    cheeseburgers don't have lettuce

  • jessica

    my mommy works thier!!!!!!!!♥