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After The Social Network won a ton of Golden Globes, it seemed like poor ol’ Mark Zuckerberg deserved to have his voice heard amidst all the bad press, the lawsuits, the fictional film accounts, etc etc. So I offered the next best thing, a rap written from his perspective, by GarageSpin, with a guest appearance by Girl Crusade. What could be better than that? You’re welcome, Mark.


I’m the guy with the hoodie and a max SAT
You’re probably more familiar with my FACE (Book)
The Globes and the Oscars go to my story
Now check my version of Zuckerberg history

Cause first I took out the Winklevoss twins
And then knocked down Tom Anderson [MySpace, no!]
I’m bigger now than Larry Page and Sergey Brin
And next year Facebook will join the UN

I know what you like, and I know where you live
I’m like, some kind of, Wizard of Oz Pimp
I know what you like, and I know where you live
I’m like, some kind of, Wizard of Oz Pimp

Well, you’re not super cute and you don’t work out
But you were on SNL and that’s something’ to shout-out about
You got money and power–that’s cool
You even helped some kids at a poor new jersey school

So would I date you is my the question at hand
Understand i gotta lotta fans and can land a hot man
So make a GIRL feel like a facebook WALL on her birthday
And you just might one day have your own real fiancée

Yeah, hatin on the Zuck is fashionable
And I’m always written up in Mashable
But my network’s locked up ‘n’ un-crashable
That’s why my IPO is so cashable

I throw my hoodie on, drop FBML bombs
While Farmville and Mob Wars get your game on
Privacy concerns? Once you’ve logged on you’ve got none
So post on your wall, before you get pwned, son!




  • Instruments: Ibanez acoustic, Harmonica
  • Mic:  MXL v67G, DMP3 preamp
  • Software: Cakewalk Sonar Producer, Reason
  • Sound card: M-Audio Delta 1010LT