You can now Chat with all GarageSpin Readers!

Cbox tagboard and chat windowHey GarageSpinners, you can now talk to everyone else here at GarageSpin whenever you feel like it -- and without having to comment on a specific post.

Just look for the little CBox tagboard (ie chat window) in the right hand column of this page (and not the graphic in this post)...and shout to the world about what's on your mind.  For example, did you:

  • Hear a new band?
  • Read some gossip?
  • Finish a new song?
  • Watch an episode of Pick-Up Artist?

Let us know!

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Are these people real who are writing "boobs" and the other spammy-type messages or do they have bots that go around and do this sort of thing now too?

Good question. We'll see what kind of stuff goes in the box. If it gets overly spammy, I'll probably remove it. That'd be sad, as I like the idea of anyone being able to drop everyone a line... :)

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