Updates to GarageSpin.com

This weekend may have been one of the most active and surprisingly productive in a while for me:

  • Worked on my next song, "Take a Stand", and now have the chord progression for a pre-chorus and chorus.  Chorus lyrics are still in the works.
  • Added a flash player to most pages of GarageSpin.com that plays "Spinning Daydream".  To avoid annoying the heck out of you, I only turned on "auto-play" on the individual post pages.  (Hopefully, new folks arriving here randomly via search engines will hear something they like.)  Mind you, as a non-web designer, that's quite a feat.
  • Added a "Add to MySpace" button.  (woo-hoo)
  • Set up a podcast hosting account using Podomatic, and a podcast aggregation account through Odeo, per Ryan's suggestion (from Orbitcast).  The idea being, it might be cool share guitar licks and song ideas periodically as I work on songs.  Podomatic has TONS of features, but its embedded player is uuuugly.  Odeo's, however, is nice, so I'll be creating podcasts through the former, and posting them with the latter's player.  (Assuming I find time to do any of this, of course.)
  • My lovely wife and I went out for dinner twice, and even bought furniture.  (Don't hate me out of furniture-envy.)  A big thanks for her patience this weekend while I flailed about in HTML and Java codes.
What were you up to this weekend?

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Kudos on the busy weekend. Still looking forward to the new song when it's finshed, and to seeing you guys next weekend!

Thanks, Jay. The song's slowly but sure getting there...it's just about finding time to work on it. :)

We're looking forward to seeing you in a few days at the play -- cheers!

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