December 03, 2008

Secret Millionaire: Good Fox Reality Show

Any reality show that makes you want to win the lottery so you can immediately give it away can't be all bad.Secret Millionaire, Fox's new reality show, did that for me.  It's great to see TV glorifying volunteerism, charity, and... Read More

November 26, 2008

Get Pumped for A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

As Turkey Day approaches, you really can't beat cuddling up to a YouTube-powered PC monitor with a bowl full of gelatin cranberry sauce and stuffing to watch like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  The great jazz music combined with pisspoor voiceover... Read More

November 11, 2008

Ed McMahon Raps About Free Credit Reports

Ouch.  Poor Ed McMahan.  First rich.  Then poor.  Then rapping about being poor to sell free credit reports.  Though I'll admit, the clips are kinda funny...Ed McMahon free credit report rap #1 (of 2): Ed McMahon free credit report rap... Read More

August 17, 2008

Free Credit Report Song - Commercials, Music, Mp3, and Lyrics

The other day, we were playing random songs on a guitar, and somehow, "Blackbird" by the Beatles was followed by the "free credit report" song about pirates from the commercial.  Amazingly, we collectively knew about 80% of the lyrics...who... Read More

July 27, 2008

VH1 I Want to Work for Diddy = Hip Hop Apprentice

So, I'm watching a teaser for VH1's I Want to Work for Diddy, where a cast of random "can do" "A" personality type folks will compete to be used and abused by the media mogul himself.  It's sort of like... Read More

March 18, 2008

MTV "Rock the Cradle": Cast of Rockstar Offspring

Screw American Idol and Making the Band cinderella stories.  Wouldn't we all like to watch a show about the rich 'n' famous spawn of rockstars getting a chance to rich and famous?MTV's "Rock The Cradle" knows what we're talkin... Read More

January 21, 2008

Celebrity Apprentice: Trump Fires Gene Simmons??

Is anyone else bummed that Donald Trump fired Gene Simmons last week?  Am I the only guy around here that watches too much reality TV?  Help me here, folks.I was never a Kiss fan, but Gene was downright entertaining -- and... Read More

January 20, 2008

Battle of the Sexes: Making the Band 4 - Diddy Wins

UPDATE:  Diddy announced the name of the new boy band -- it's Day26!Diddy is a marketing genius.  I type as I watch MTV's "Battle of the Sexes: A First Look" which is basically a show to hype the series' next... Read More

January 13, 2008

VH1 Rock of Love 2 Premiere - Brett Michaels at His Best

Did anyone else watch VH1's Rock of Love 2 season premiere tonight?  Bret Michaels is such an inspiration to us all, but not as much as the Rock of Love girls themselves.  Yikes.  No offence to any exotic dancers in... Read More

September 11, 2007

A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila - MTV's Next Great Show

OMG, we are like totally entering the heyday of music television.  (That was what "MTV" once stood for, kids.)  MTV is launching a new reality show featuring Tila Tequila (remember, the ultra MySpace-friendly phenom?) called A Shot at Love With... Read More

August 27, 2007

Making the Band 4 Winners: Robert, Willie, Qwanell, Brian, Michael are In; Donnie Goes Solo; Diddy Profits

[Update:  "Making the Band 4 (Season 2): Battle of the Sexes" started on January 28th...check it out!  And check out the guy group, Day26!]I have to admit:  P. Diddy knows how to make $money$.  I watched a rerun of MTV's... Read More

August 23, 2007

High School Musical 2 Sountrack Rips Billboard Apart

I had sorta heard of Disney's High School Musical 2 in passing, but had no idea what kind of powerhouse it was until I read today about High School Musical 2 soundtrack reaching #1 in billboard this week (and the movie itself breaking the... Read More

August 06, 2007

The Pickup Artist on VH1

The Pickup Artist, a reality show following Mystery (apparently, a famous pickup artist) as he teaches 8 socially awkward dudes to pick up women, kicks off today on VH1.  Desperate men rejoice; I know I could've used something like this... Read More

April 25, 2007

Search for Next Pussy Cat Doll Presents Winner: Asia

Let this be a lesson to all bands: A reality tv show is a great (expensive) way to generate publicity for a band.Take the Pussy Cat Dolls.  With a lead singer and 5 backup dancer-singers, the last thing they need... Read More