The Band Name Poll...

Many of you know I've been searching for the penultimate band name to associate my music with in the near and distant future.

Thus far, I've narrowed down a list to 5 band names.  In conversations with friends, one name was a clear winner.  However, I recently stuck a PollDaddy poll on GarageSpin, and the results are a bit odd...and not nearly as conclusive.

What do YOU think?  Pick your favorite band name below:

It's time to settle this, already!

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I reset these results on 10/10 due to a friend's prank which inflated results. However, the stats were:

Radio Vine (14 votes)
Dream Spin (26 votes)
Radio Quake (14 votes)
Cloud Surf (13 votes)
Anvil Boy (65 votes)

I can't help but wonder if either of these facts are skewing results:
1. There are two band names with "Radio" in them...they may be splitting a vote?
2. DreamSpin is the band name I'm using now...are people just choosing it because they're used to it? Or because "Spin" is in the name, which is also in the blog name?



All the names you chose sound just like all the other names that are out there in the current. the Vines, Fallout Boy, etc....

If you put so much time into your music to make it different, why IMO make the name sound similar. You need a hyper dose of creativity in the original thought department of band naming. Ralph Smith stands out more than any of those you chose.

Try breaking away from the industry standardized spoon fed names that you hear on MTV and such.. All bands sound the same unless you start cruising indie on the net. So, let your name be different, thus sayeth the Gods of ethereal marketing... make it so young hoser!



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