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Songwriting CompetitionThe 11th Annual USA Songwriting Competition is taking place soon, so think about getting your song in.  You can submit a song to as many categories as you like -- R&B, rock, country, etc -- but you have to pay a whopping $30 each time, ouch.  Winners will get airplay on "Acoustic Cafe" and on an XM Satellite Radio station, and the grand prize winner recieves $50,000 in case.  Last year's Country winner ended up cutting a track with Faith Hill.  I'm not sure if that's good or bad...Faith's pop songs are overly formulaic...not brilliant songwriting.  But hey, who'd complain about a gig like that? The deadline for submission is May 31.

(Note:  Beware, the website is quite an eyesore.  Wear protective eye gear when visiting. :)

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I wonder- do we discount companies, contests, etc., if they don't have a slick website? Do indie musicians have to have a great-looking (or well-developed conceptual look and feel) site for us to take them seriously?

Yes and know. First impressions are completely formed by what is initially presented. But in the art world, slick doesn't always equal good.

In USA Songwriting Competition's case, hey, they're about music and art, so the visuals aren't as important or relevant. (that said, the site looks like a spam site, and they're using florescent yellow and orange graphics that force me to squint..! is certainly nothing wonderful...but at least it's not painful.)

As for indie bands, etc... it's about how successful a band is at capturing an onlooker's attention, and what attitude/mood is conveyed...that doesn't necessarily equate to a "slick" site. Slickness wouldn't be horrible for a band that has a grunge/anti-establishment/raw sound. The site should fit the band.

But what do I know about web design...(sigh).. :)

Interesting concept but I doubt it will have much success. Most artists are not willing to pay money for a contest which will gain them little exposure. The whole XM thing is not as good as it sounds. XM is in the homes of many people but how many are actually going to tun in to a station with people they have never heard of? Personally I would but most Americans wouldn't.
Bryan Henry

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I agree about most artist wont make competetion without a bid exposure back .. but a try is always a step forward !

Leading international songwriting competition

Love the song!

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