Streampad Music Mashup: Google Maps, Amazon,

This is pretty cool.

Streampad is a new web application that lets you:

1) stream your music collection to any internet-connected machine,
2) see where those machines are located (via a Google Maps), and
3) display the appropriate album cover as the music is played (via Amazon).
4) incorporate tags with .mp3 files.

If I had the time, I would definitely try this out.

(via Google Maps Mania, via Programmable Web)

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the idea of mashups are very interesting

all the components of an activity are branched out to those that do it best, and it all comes together into one product. the question is who does the consumer think they're getting the product/service from?

traditional companies think in terms of "owning the customer experience". perhaps that's an outdated way of thinking about it.

I have one better for you. This website isn't done yet, but once finished, it will let you do the same thing without all the complication. There is nothing to download, its all webbased and its being worked on as we speak.

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