Rewriting, rewriting, rewriting...songs

Man.  I'm rediculous.  I've taken up once again my song "Avalanche" (previously named "Take a Stand") after several multiple-month hiatuses (is that a word?), during which I've actually moved, bought a new computer, turned 32, and upgraded my audio recording software.  Rediculous.

The thing about working on the same song over such a long period of time is that it's easy to lose the vision you originally had when you wrote it.  Evolution isn't a bad thing, but random meandering is.  I'd rewritten the chorus melody about 3 times over the last few weeks alone, successfully ridding the song of any kind of hook-ishness it might've had.  Rediculous.

To cure myself, I buried myself in my iPod for a solid 1-2 hours, and reminded myself of something...basic is good.  A repeating melodic theme can be great.  And a hook can be the ultimate.  Sing every line differently, and you've got a show-offy mess.

I rerecorded the verse vocals again last night -- I may have over-sipmlified everything...(shoot, I wish I had an audio clip to ask what y'all think!)...but at least there's some commonality going on.  I'm not sure if it's any good, but it's definitely better than it was, and that's something...  I feel kinda re-energized for this song, which is absolutely awesome.  Can't wait to dig in and crank it out.

Please forgive the self-centered, thinking-out-loud thing going on here...I just happened to be feeling good.  It's too bad Making the Band was on, otherwise I may have worked on it more tonight...  :)

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