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Audio Recording Community NotesThere has been a lot of discussion here lately regarding the development of new musician community sites.

On such expanding community is Online Music World, which includes a musician's forum as well as an online music news blog. The forum is roughly a year old, inluding musicians, bands, and songwriters representing a variety of genres including indie rock, electronica, Mix-Mash, and more. A great site to get technical questions answered, to talk about the latest indie/garage/techno releases, or discuss the latest audio gear hitting store shelves. Be sure to check it out.

Electronic Scene, was mentioned here by site manager Gideon Marken. It focuses on Electronica (as well as rap, hiphop, DJ, Mix and related music genres), and includes a library of content, blogs, a merchandise store, event calendar, and more. Also worth checking out.

Home Recording, an older site, includes a mix of PC-based and analog pro studio-based recording enthusiasts. It's quite a powerful resource of audio recording wisdom.

Alle three sites above present excellent opportunities to share and learn from fellow songwriters, audio recorders, and bandmates.

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OMW is a fantastic site and i recommend anyone reading this to check it out.

We're looking for new online talent at the best Indie Radio Site on the web, ... if you think you might like to be a DJ, drop in and check us out! We play the best unsigned sounds around...tell them Ogre sent ya!

My name is Doug Smith . I'm an A&R for PulseNow Radio and I would Like to help get you guys worldwide airplay for your music. NO I'M Not ASKING OR WILL I EVER ASK FOR MONEY, so know that this is serious and I'm not trying to sell you anything. Underneath I will put a general email that all the PulseNow A&R's send out but I wanted to email you a little from me personally. Now what PulseNow offers to bands is:
1.Free Radio Airplay (based on votes from listeners, so have your friends and family vote for you to get more rotation.
2.We make you your own page which will included the bio you write and send to use, of course photos if you have them, a song list that listeners can choose and download your music for 99 cents each, so you get money for that.
3.We throw Showcases and CD release parties for the bands that are affiliated with PulseNow (we just threw THE RINGERS cd release party with INDIE 103.1 @ the viper room. it was killer).
4.We also have contacts in the film and t.v. industry and they request music from us all the time. We turn in music based on the genre the request.

ok so here is the general email, and make sure you check out the site so you see what your in for. I think you'll like what we're about:

-----Want to get your music heard? Come and sign up with Pulse Now for free right now! -----

Pulse Now is North America's leading Satellite Internet radio station playing only the very best New Music from new, unsigned and emerging artists, worldwide.
We do not and will never charge you.
Pulse exists to provide a unique, and importantly free, resource for the promotion and support of talented new artists by making sure they are heard by the largest possible audience worldwide.
Pulse Now also sends all its music to it's parent station in the UK, broadcasting on SKY Satellite Channel 0155, we get a total of 8.9 MILLION LISTENERS A MONTH and has relations with several multinational media companies and record labels.
We rotate the music between stations on our global radio network so we get the best new music in the World first!
In order to make sure we have the highest quality of music, we need you to send it to us!

Fill out our submission form @

All Genres are welcome and encouraged; we are always aiming to expand the types of music that we cover. We also have a video section so please feel free to send them in


we at are distributing a podcast of independent music, and are looking for artists who wish to be involved. please stop by and let us know if you are interested.


Want to sell you music online? We list your music FREE with a preview.. give us a try! We unlike other online vendors (who charge 20 - 30%) only charge a 10% fee if your music sells.

I cam across this site Its a great place to broadcast and upload your music. Its really geared towards independents and just music alone unlike myspace. I think its worth giving a try.

I tried to use the submission page but it wasn't working. I would like to submit the following URL's which contain three independent artists on each. Thank you.
While you're there subscribe to this channel for more independent artists videos. Subscribing will put you in the contest to win a Nintendo Wii

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