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NextCat - Professional networking fo entertainment industry prosLike me, I'm sure you were thinking, "There just aren't enough social networking sites."  We're all in luck.  Fortunately, some manage to differentiate somehwat to offer a little more value than just a "me too" ripoff.

NextCat is a professional network focusing on the entertainment industry, namely music, film/TV/stage, and modeling.  It resembles a cross between LinkedIn and MySpace, if you will, allowing users to give details regarding lifestyle, location, height, weight, sexual orientation, etc etc, as well as add connections, send messages, leave comments, write a blog, become a “fan”, add booking info, and other stuff, giving profiles the quality of a press kit or resume.  (The model pics are sure to be a hit with lonely, late-night web-browsers).

Check it out if you're looking to rub elbows other artsy folks; you never know who you may come into contact with.

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Actually, I think these social networking sites will eventually become more niche-focused, as the sites become used more for communications and "community". We are already starting to see fragmentation of audiences that is valuable, rather than just "copying MySpace".

And how can a modeling site go wrong?

Exactly. How can a modeling site go wrong? Everyone wins. Models get scene, and non-models get to see them. But seriously, it's not a bad idea at all. LinkedIn is great, but it's corporate-heavy, understandably, and doens't provide any of the features entertainment pros could want. It's a nice little niche that could help to further creative collaboration. I hope it does well.

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