Next Song: "Take A Stand" is now "Avalanche"

I worked on my new song for the first time in months last Sunday, and recorded all the main verse and chorus vocals.  That is, after re-writing a good chunk of the song; it was sounding a tad too angry and accusatory (as I was angry at the time I wrote it).

It's not called "Take A Stand" anymore -- it's now called "Avalanche".  The chorus lyrics are:

Unclench your fists
Throw away your defenses
Let them all fall like an avalanche
There is still time
Fix the love, yours and mine
Let it rain down like an avalanche

That may sound a little strange out of context..?  The song is about cycles of abuse or pain that have involved multiple generations, and taking a stand to break those cycles.  (Unfortunately, I know too many examples of this happening (though not to me)...abuse being passed down from one person to another to another, often within the same's really sad to see.  Some are able to stop the 'cycle' dead; others aren't so fortunate.)

Anyway, the song was a challenge -- I experimented with phrasings and rhythms I've not used before.  We'll see what you think, it may be a total flop.  But at least I tried, darnit!  Anyway, I'm getting close...and can't wait for you to hear it.   Maybe I'll post a preliminary demo...  (Actually, I still want to get all y'all to contribute to the end bridge, which I mentioned way back in...MAY???  Wow, I need to get this project done, peeps.)  Thanks for your unlimited patience.

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Still anxiously awaiting the new tune. The subject matter sounds rather interesting, given my line of work...

Thanks, Jay. Yeah, I can only imagine how often you encounter these kinds of issues.

I'm psyched about working on it more this weekend...for once, I'm not traveling. Sweet.

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