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December 04, 2008

NoiseTrade: Variable Pricing and Viral Marketing Widget

While browsing Mashable's Open Web Awards list of finalists (which I highly recommend giving a quick look-through), I noticed one music widget company I was unfamiliar with, called NoiseTrade.  Like all the finalists, it was voted by Mashable readers to... Read More

October 26, 2008

GigPay: Preventing Promoter and Artist Bitchas#ness

Interesting.  The music industry (or any 'event-based' industry for that matter) is full of black hat stories of contracts being broken, artists getting screwed, or promoters losing bands in clutch moments.  For example:Band plays gig.  Venue decides not to pay... Read More

October 11, 2008

ReverbNation Launches Digital Distribution to iTunes etc.

ReverbNation has always impressed me with their breadth of online promotion tools for bands.  If you haven't set up an account with them, I'd seriously consider giving their service a try.One service they lacked was digital distribution -- they used... Read More

June 15, 2008

Songza - Music Search Engine & Band Self Promotion

Dude, Songza is great.  If you haven't checked it out yet, you really should.  It's basically a very clean, a very easy-to-use "Google-meets-jukebox".  Search for any band or song, listen, get recommendations, etc.  For kicks, I even tried my own... Read More

February 11, 2008

More Blog Chatter = More Album Sales

Apparently, the more an album is blogged about, the more it will sell.  Yup, that's as obvious as, "if you promote harder, more people will buy."  However, some NYU professor actually quantified the correlation between blog post volume and album sales... Read More

January 12, 2008

List of College Radio Stations

I was recently wondering if there was any kind of free list of college radio stations available online.  There are probably several, but I just happened upon the Indie Friendly Radio Database which lets you filter by several categories, including... Read More

June 12, 2007

Promote Your Band on a $500 Budget

Andrew at New Music Strategies recently completed an eBook compilation of blog posts titled "20 Things You Must Know About Music Online" that's now available for free.  (I was a little surprised -- I was thinking of doing a "Top... Read More

March 01, 2007

Tila Tequila, Friendliest MySpace User, and Her Single

Tila Tequila has more friends than anyone else on the planet.With 1.7 million MySpace friends, and 1.9 million comments, she's now trying to leverage her buddy network to sell her single, "I Love U."  Ironically, the song is all about... Read More

January 14, 2007

Updates to

This weekend may have been one of the most active and surprisingly productive in a while for me: Worked on my next song, "Take a Stand", and now have the chord progression for a pre-chorus and chorus.  Chorus lyrics are... Read More

December 02, 2006

Free Music Downloads: How Not to Piss People Off

Bob posted about a seemingly (but not) cool Best Buy music promotion he encountered at Best Buy.  Basically, you're offered 14 free music downloads at the check out counter.  Cool, right?  To get them, you have to leave Best Buy's... Read More

August 30, 2006

Reality TV is a Killer Album Launching Machine

Danity Kane, the 5-member girl band starring in Making the Band 3 (produced by P. Diddy), recently hit #17 with their single "Show Stopper," with virtually no radio play.  Apparently, the five highest-debuting singles of 2006 are all by television reality... Read More

August 28, 2006

Interview With Louise Molloy-Harris, PR Manager at Quite Great Communications

Quite Great Publicity is a PR agency that specializes in classic bands, such as Madonna, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix, as well as new music, film, and eCommerce PR with an arsenal of public relations and word-of-mouth marketing campaign tactics. ... Read More

August 22, 2006

Selling Single Downloads vs. Albums - The Debate

I was reading an interesting debate on Slashdot last night, about the selling of single downloads vs. an entire album on iTunes.  Some argue that music should be sold as an album to preserve the artist's vision, whereas others argue that the options... Read More

August 10, 2006

Interview With Bob Baker, Guerrilla Music Marketing Guru

Bob Baker is the mack-daddy of music marketing.  If you've ever surfed music sites on the web, you're bound to have encountered the legendary Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, by Bob himself.  It's filled with solid, creative, common sense to help... Read More

July 27, 2006

New BlogCritics Band of the Week Feature

BlogCritics is launching a new Band of the Week feature (starting tomorrow!), which will include interviews, reviews, and links to unsigned bands (or bands signed with very small labels).They're considering bands now -- if you've got something to show off, send... Read More

June 29, 2006

Artificial Buzz and Unsigned Artists has an interesting article about record labels' use of viral and word-of-mouth marketing programs to generate artificial buzz through PR efforts, and what effects that has on unsigned artists trying to do so without a PR machine.The story specifically... Read More

June 09, 2006

Jupiter Recommends MySpace For Music Promotion

Ok folks, it's official as of May 29, 2006: Recommendations from friends are one of the most powerful ways people discover music (only below radio and music videos), according to a new Jupiter study, Music and Community: Low-Cost, Authentic Promotion.So go... Read More

May 01, 2006

Stickam Gives Bands Video, Photo, Music, and Chat Tools

There is a very long list of companies offering interactive tools that let just about anyone sweeten their blogs, MySpace pages, eBay listings, whatever, with multimedia functionality.Stickam is one of the cooler ones I've seen.  Bands can upload music, video,... Read More

January 18, 2006

Interview With Creator, Gideon Marken

I mentioned an interview with Gideon was approaching, and voila. For those unacquainted, Gideon Marken is the programmer/musician that single-handedly built and maintains ArtistServer, a free music-hosting platform that empowers artists with music promotion tools including blogs, podcasts, feeds, newsletters,... Read More

January 05, 2006

ARTISTServer: One Man, Thousands of Artists

Vision and drive. Two huge intangibles that work wonders. Enter Gideon Marken and his brainchild, ArtistServer. Named one of the best music hosting services by Time along with GarageBand and CDBaby, ArtistServer empowers bands with the ability to host, stream,... Read More

December 22, 2005

CrossDogs, Christian Artist Booking Service, Launches

CROSSDOGS, a Christian artist booking service, will launch January 1 to begin connecting independent Christian bands with venues industry peeps including promoters, venues, churches, festivals, contests, agents, managers, merchandisers, producers, etc.Membership costs bands $49.95, allowing bands to create an Electronic... Read More

December 14, 2005

CD Baby Partners With Best Buy

Way to go, CD Baby. Best Buy found that a growing number of customers were asking for independent music not carried by Best Buy, so they turned to CD Baby to deliver. The relationship is only online, currently. If you... Read More

November 07, 2005

Harvey Danger Experiments With Free Album Download

Harvey Danger hit gold with “FlagPole Sitta” in 1998, had less success with their 2000 release, was then dropped by their label, and broke up. Now they’re back sans label, experimenting with a promotion strategy including a free digital download... Read More