MTV Music Video Awards Wrap-Up

MTV-music-video-awards.jpgThe MTV Music Video Awards took place last night. In case you missed them (like I did), here are a few quick highlights:

* Green Day cleaned house with 7 awards.
* Fat Joe and 50 Cent's respective posses almost started a brawl.
* Jeremy Piven (from "The Entourage") took cheap shots at Lil' Kim for her upcoming jail sentence.

And in case you're interested...(drumroll):

MTV Music Video Award Winners:
Video of the Year – Green Day
Best Male Video – Kanye West
Best Female Video – Kelly Clarkson
Best Group Video – Green Day
Best Rap Video – Ludacris
Best R&B Video – Alicia Keys
Best Hip-Hop Video – Missy Elliott f/Ciara & Fat Man Scoop
Best Dance Video – Missy Elliiott f/Ciara & Fat Man Scoop
Best Rock Video – Green Day
Best Pop Video – Kelly Clarkson
Best New Artist – The Killers
MTV2 Award – Fall Out Boy
Viewer’s Choice – Green Day
Breakthrough Video – Gorillaz
Best Direction – Green Day
Best Choreography – Gwen Stefani
Best Special Effects – Gorillaz
Best Art Direction – Gwen Stefani
Best Editing – Green Day
Best Cinematography – Green Day
Best Video Game Soundtrack – Dance Revolution Extreme

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You mean lowlights don't you? This show doesn't represent the music industry as a whole. It's about posing and promotion for the various properties shopped by the major labels. It's sad that the winners are mentioned by the artists who had nothing to do with the direction, editing or creation of these videos. The actual creative artists who busted their humps making these properties look good are relegated to the scrap heap.

On another note, Jeremy Piven is taking a lot of heat for making a light hearted reference to Lil Kim and her upcoming jail sentence. My main question on the topic is this, "Why?" It seems that no subject is taboo for rap artists who glorify violence, irresponsible sex and criminal activity in their "music". Some of these "artists" even extend their zeal for the thug life to their real lives where they will lie in court to protect the guilty among other criminal acts. No one has the guts to call Lil Kim's actions (or ridiculous stage name) lacking in taste, yet they roast a very talented Piven for making a joke. I think that's a joke.


There's certainly no argument there. (Just in case my sarcasm didn't come across in the post, the "highlight" list was indeed a list of "lowlights" for a reason... :) ) Most high profile awards ceremonies, whether music, film, tv, etc, are opportunities for big league labels/networks/production houses to further market their chart-topping releases to an audience simply looking for entertainment.

The fact that the creative artists responsible for the work winning the award get little recognition among casual music listeners is a darn shame. One can only hope the production staff that produced Green Day's video will receive recognition and reward it deserves within the industry. Most television-broadcast award shows are focused on atracting a maximum number of viewers by presenting the "frontmen" most recognizable to average viewers.

Music efficianados looking for great music should look elsewhere for great new music or new music videos. NOT on MTV! (Try, for example)

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