Jango, Awesome Music Discovery Engine - Next Pandora?

Music discovery and social networking site, jangoI'm checking out the new custom radio & social networking site, Jango.  (Currently listening to "Red" by Elbow, a band I'd never heard of, but which I'm currently digging.)

It's pretty sweet, sorta like a Pandora meets Last.fm.  I like the radio station creation tool that lets move a "music discovery control" slider between Popular Favorites, Happy Medium, and Wide Variety.  The social stuff is cool, though personally, I'm burnt out by all the social networks out there.  If you're not, you'll love it.

One small complaint -- I have the music discovery slider set to "wide variety," and yet I've heard of almost all of the first 8 songs I've listened to.  Pandora seems to have a deeper collection, for those of you beatnicks who want nothing to do with the masses.  Otherwise, I'm enjoying the experience of listening and poking about on the site.

I wonder if there's a way for artists to submit music to the catalog?

It's in private beta now, but you can sign up for an invite on the home page...it'll be in your inbox in about 10 seconds.  You can also invite 3 friends -- I'll send an invite to the first three folks who ask for one in the comments below.  Woohoo!

UPDATE:  Folks at Jango answered a few questions I had:  1) The full depth of their catalog is not in full effect yet...it will be once they go from private beta to public beta; and 2) Artists and Labels CAN submit music to Jango directly by emailing them directly (see the email address in the first comment below).  I've also been given 100 Jango invites -- click here to get your Jango Invite!  Thanks, Jango team.

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Hey! So glad you checked out Jango. It rocks! Just to let you know, we are working with a lot of new artists to get their music on the site. If there are any artists out there interested in being included, just e-mail jango@jango.com.

(Part of the Jango team)

Catherine: That's for commenting, and for the submission info, that's hugely helpful!

How Can I receive an invitation to Jango? Thanks for the help
bluesandsoul at tiscali.it

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attn: Carina
[1] how do I requesta song by title not artist
[2] how do I delete artists and those listed under others

I really enjoy your station bt I am not the most learned person using a computer so pardon ifI ask dumb questions

attn> Carina
[1] how do I request a song by title not artist
[2] how do I delete and listed and the artists under other
I really enjoy Jango but I am not the sharpest computer user and pardon if I ask a dumb question

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