January 24, 2007

Amie Street and its Popularity-Based Mp3 Pricing Model

There are a million digital music stores out there, and Amie Street has successfully broken through with an incredibly unique concept that seriously rocks.Get this:New songs uploaded by unsigned & indie artists start out at a price of $0.00.  (Thereby... Read More

January 09, 2007

I Want an Apple iPhone

The most anticipated event of the MacWorld conference took place today, in which Steve Jobs announced the launch of the Apple iPhone.  Holy cow.  This thing is UNBELIEVABLE -- iPod, phone, and internet browser combined.  (more iphone extras here) There's... Read More

August 22, 2006

Selling Single Downloads vs. Albums - The Debate

I was reading an interesting debate on Slashdot last night, about the selling of single downloads vs. an entire album on iTunes.  Some argue that music should be sold as an album to preserve the artist's vision, whereas others argue that the options... Read More

February 02, 2006

TuneCore Launches Beta iTunes Music Submission Service

TuneCore happily declares it will submit your music to iTunes and Rhapsody for you, while letting you keep all of your song rights, as well as any money made from either iTunes and Rhapsody.Pricing involves a 1-time $0.99 per song upload... Read More