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January 10, 2006

Music at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Last week was insane, with CES 2006 taking place, etc.  As you may have been able to tell, I spent more time reading about newly launched music services and hardware than I did writing about it.  So be it.Seamless mobility... Read More

November 10, 2005

Sign Up For Motorola iRadio's "Get Heard Network"

Motorola iRadio’s “Get Heard Network” launched last weekend. Independent artists, labels, and webcasters can now sign up with the iRadio network to: * Create radio programs * Reach a national audience * Add programming constantly, even via phone * Track... Read More

October 13, 2005

iRadio and Music Player Live

For anyone that's in New York on October 21-23, think about checking out the Music Player Live! summit in Times Square. Exhibitions, performances, gear demos, and seminars are all part of the gig. One announcement caught my attention. Motorola plans... Read More