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April 26, 2008

Animoto: Cirque du Soleil and a Bachelorette Party?

So, while I was writing about Animoto's Music Submission Program, Girl Crusade went ahead and gave the music video/slide show creation application a test run...  Without telling me, she slyly combined my song "Spinning Daydream" with a random assortment of bachelorette... Read More

February 11, 2008

Practice Space: Web Series Following Underground Bands

Practice Space is a (somewhat) new webisode series that visits a different band/musician at their regular practice haunt each websidoe.  It's sort of a half-interview, half-feature, tracking various underground acts around the world. Certainly a nice change from the... Read More

October 10, 2006

Google, YouTube, Sony, BMG, and Universal Tie a Knot

So, news that Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in stock seems to be all over the place.  Not bad for a 19-month-old company, ay?Also interesting, is the series of announcements concerning the major record labels and GooTube (or is... Read More

September 21, 2006

YouTube to Launch Unsigned Band Music Video Contest

Yet another music video contest for unsigned bands.  As if recording a few decent songs wasn't challenging enough.  But hey, that's something to be grateful for, ay?YouTube is launching the YouTube UnderGround contest, which will accept submissions between Oct. 2nd... Read More

September 19, 2006

Get Your Music Video Played on Fuse TV

The Fuse TV show, Steven's Untitled Rock Show, is launching Steven's Unsigned Band Search, which will be selecting and playing a new unsigned band music video every week. On November 30th, some big prize will be awarded to the best... Read More

December 12, 2005

Interview With Podcast NYC Creator, Rob Safuto

As promised in my last post about iMusic Flow, an interview with its architect, Rob Safuto of Podcast NYC, follows below. Rob's a blogging, podcasting, and videocasting machine, as well as a indie music (and general media) guru. Check it... Read More

Get Your Flow at

Podcast NYC has created yet another media channel focused on the independent music scene in New York City. The new, video iPod-compatible service, iMusic Flow, features videos of live performances of various NYC bands in different NYC clubs. Rob at... Read More

November 29, 2005

Indie Music TV Show, The Echo, Launched by KCSG and UNSIGNED Music Mag

A new indie music TV Show, The Echo, will showcase music videos from hot independent and unsigned artists across the US. KCSG, a TV station in Utah, and UNSIGNED Music Magazine, the 'largest magazine dedicated to indie music', partnered to... Read More