iJigg, A Cool Digg-Like Popularity-Based Music Site

iJigg-music.gifIf you've ever used Digg (note the little Digg button under this post), you'll get iJigg, but for those who haven't -- songs are uploaded by indie and unsigned artists into a mega-pool of music.  Surfers check out the new music, and "Jigg" what they like.  (i.e. they click on a "Jigg" button) and the number of "Jiggs" (or votes) goes up, increasing the rank of the song.  Fun stuff.

iJigg took it a step further, however, and added a bunch of flash functionality including sweet players, comments, emails, embeddable code, tags, and other blogosphere goodness.  I just checked out the popular tracks section, and am pasting some of that embeddable code right here for the song "Unravel" by jsleuth, which is currently the most popular with 95 "Jiggs":

There's no way to buy or download the music as with Amie Street, but it's still yet another way to find cool new music. (via)

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Hm. Seeing this at work for the first time, I notice the widget doesn't work on all browsers...perhaps it's just a flash applet that's missing...

Good find, Mike. I could get used to this. "Mr. Happy" by Day Before Time is a cool song I found on there.

Indeed, nice ditty! It's screaming for vocals...but then, that's just the biased vocalist inside me thinking aloud. :) Definitely love the bridge arrangement...gives me a little bit of an acoustic-Creed feeling to it... Very nice.

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