GarageSpin Spectacular iPod Accessory Awards, June 2005!

It always amazes me how the iPod single handedly created an entirely new industry, that of iPod accessories and services. Below are two that recently grabbed my attention:

iGuy Wins The GarageSpin Spectacular iPod Accessory AwardThe winner of the GarageSpin Spectacular iPod Accessory Award for June 2005 is the iGuy.
iGuy Chilling Out...The iGuy is fully protective and posable...and even "sits" and chills while your iPod charges and syncs up! This may be the Best...Accessory...Ever.

There are many runners up. One, the Awaken service, caters to lazy audiophiles that don't have the patience to convert their CD libraries into digital music libraries. (Online Music Blog happens to be offering an online raffle for a free $250 Awaken gift certificate, if you're interested). ...Come to think of it, I have about 300 CDs sitting in a shelf, gathering dust...

What's next? Perhaps a water-resistant, shower-safe iPod cozy...

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