eJamming Beta - Message From President

eJamming-Early-Adapter-Beta.JPGeJamming is an application that lets musicians jam online in real time. eJamming President, Alan Glueckman, updated me on the development of eJamming's beta version for the Mac:

Just wanted to let you and your readers know that we put the Early Adopter test version of the eJamming Station for the Mac up on August 19th (the PC version is coming in mid-September). Musicians can sign up for a Two Week FREE Trial, download the software and start eJamming NOW. Just let everybody know that this is beta, so expect some bugs and not all functions are fully enabled today, but we'll be releasing new builds each week.

Hope to see you in the eJamming Venues!

Sounds pretty cool. Drop me a line if you have a chance to try it...I'll be travelling for the next couple days.

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