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September 29, 2008

eBay Pirate Strikes Again: Two Rode NT5 Microphones

Aw yeah.  I "won" (as eBay's marketing department tells us we do when we bid high) an auction for a pair of factory matched, Rode NT5 small condenser microphones for $152.50 with 40 seconds left in the auction (they're $400+... Read More

May 26, 2008

Music Tech Gear on Sale

Eric pointed out a music tech gear sale going on at GoingToday (music gear site).  Normally, they have some kind of 'sale-of-the-day' dealio gonig on, but for 48 hours they have 116 items on sale.  I noticed the AmpuPlugnPlay, the mini... Read More

November 27, 2007

Getting a new DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), i.e. PC

My frustration with my recording setup finally bore fruit this weekend, as I am now fully committed to upgrading my DAW (home recording PC).While recording vocals for "Avalanche", my Dell kept crapping out in the middle of a recording, despite... Read More

October 17, 2006

My M-Audio BX5a Monitor Speaker Issues

So, I've been tweaking my first home studio project lately, getting closer to a final run.  I'm still unhappy with the mix, but it's time to move on to another project...that's another matter.What's annoying me right now is that I... Read More

September 11, 2006

Mixing With My New M-Audio BX5a Monitors

I finally started mixing with my brand spanking new M-Audio BX5a Monitor speakers last week. ($220 on eBay, baby.) Actually, I've had them for about 3-4 months, but just hadn't gotten around to hooking them up. That, plus I was... Read More

February 21, 2006

Laptop Deathmatches - Electronic DJs Battle It Out

More and more electronic musicians are battling head-to-head in Laptop Deathmatches.  It's the techo-music-geek's version of a rap battle, where laptops replace turntables, and hardware and software rule the stage.I haven't seen one yet myself, but since reading an article... Read More

February 10, 2006

WikiRecording, Free Audio Recording Guide

Jeff Einowski recently started WikiRecording, a free guide to audio recording based on the Wikipedia engine (and under the same GNU license Wikipedia uses -- anyone can edit it).It's only been up for two weeks, and already has about 50 articles... Read More

October 17, 2005

New iPod to Record CD-Quality Audio

I just bought an iPod color two months ago. Bummer -- Music Thing pointed out these specifications from Apple's iPod specs: * Voice recording settings: > Low (22.05 KHz, mono) > High (44.1 KHz, stereo) Argh! ..At least I held... Read More

July 26, 2005

Guitars R Us -- Basics, Modifications, Brands, Effects

If you're a guitar geek, or even an aspiring guitar geek, you should check out Alex's Electronic Modifications for Guitar. This site is absolutely awesome. Alex provides numerous guitar modification tutorials, starting with basic explanations of guitar functionality, guitar schematics,... Read More

July 13, 2005

Keyboards Customized for Music Editing

Two words. Keyboard shortcut stickers. Editors Keys has created an entire business around creating software-specific "keyboard shortcut" stickers for Avid Xpress, Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Propellerhead Reason, Digidesign Pro Tools and Adobe Photoshop. Oh baby.... Read More

July 06, 2005

Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe Effects Box

Every now and then, a product announcement outshines all others. The Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe Effects Box announcement emitted a blinding light from my inbox last weekend. "You're a GUITARIST, aren't you?" Metasonix asked, to which I thought, Yes. "Then... Read More

June 27, 2005

Music Player Live!, A Musician's Wet Dream

The Music Player Live! consumer music summit is taking place October 21-23 this year. Hosted by Music Player Network, the world's leading music instrument publishing company, the event includes "three days of exhibits, live performances and interviews, with lessons and... Read More

May 09, 2005

Studio Stories, About the Great NYC Recording Studios

Digital Home Recording Studios have taken the place once occupied by the enormous, glorious, and acoustically superior recording studios that produced so many hit records in the last half century. Though many recording studios have begun closing their doors in... Read More

May 04, 2005

NYC Sound Lab: Music Product Meets Gym Membership

Witness the evolution of recording technology solutions before your very eyes. First there were expensive, professional recording studios that labels dominated, and bands struggled to afford. Then, digital audio allowed mass migration to basement- and garage-based home recording studios. Now,... Read More

April 10, 2005

GarageBand Hardware: M-Audio iControl

GarageBand users should be psyched. M-Audio produced the first custom-tailored hardware for Apple's GarageBand including software knobs, buttons, and fake wood panels. Create Digital Music reviews iControl here, and gives the following wrap-up: GOOD M-Audio: Intuitive layout. Big jog wheel.... Read More

April 08, 2005

Build Your Own Electronic Drum Kit

Talk about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) machine, Nathaniel Andrew gives step-by-step instructions on how to build your own electronic drum kit: I was tired of using my Evolution MK249C MIDI keyboard controller to enter my drum parts. I have wanted an... Read More

March 07, 2005

Digital Audio Home Recording Studio For Engineer on Budget

Prior to Engadget's Mac Mini Home Recording Studio post, Gizmodo wrote another, more financially cumbersome "recording studio how-to" post. It's great if you have $5000 to spare and are looking to upgrade to a pro-quality recording studio. All you... Read More

February 26, 2005

Edirol Joins Cakewalk, Microsoft, M-Audio in 64-Bit Space

Edirol Corporation joins Cakewalk, Microsoft, and M-Audio on the growing list of players offering 64-bit compatable audio processing hardware and software. Edirol products incorporating the 64-bit drivers include a line of Edirol keyboards and MIDI and USB interfaces. What's... Read More