"Computer-Based Recording 101"

There are a TON of articles already written on the subject of setting up a PC/Mac-based digital music home recording studio. Rather than play a false Jedi, I will humble myself to the recording Yodas of the world. ("Geek, am I, mmm.")

"Computer-Based Recording 101," by db Masters, is a recently-written article I happened to surf accross the other day. It provides an excellent summary of what you'll want to consider when starting out:

> Your Hardware
> Your Sound Devices
> Your Music Software
> External Hardware/Gear
> Microphones and Direct Injection

I must've read hundreds of these as a newbie. I suppose they're the hooks used to mold us into future customers of expensive music gear, sigh. (I probabably should've been recording something instead. An "armchair musician" isn't a bad thing unless he's typing instead of playing.)

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Right on! Nice to have all this info in one spot.

Thanks for linking to my article, glad to see it's helped some people!

Keep rockin'

You bet -- The article does a great job of summarizing what you need to start, I thank you for it.

Within the next couple of months, GarageSpin will add a set of "Musicians Resourses" and "Home Recording Studio Basics" that will help new recordists dive deeper into home recording basics. Your article was a great place to start. Thanks again!

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