Cellos, Loop Recording, and Cowboy Hats

celloI've been taking a stab at recording a 4-cello part over the last few weeks for "Take a Stand"'s outro, and proved without a doubt that I am not a cello player.  Some recent learnings to share since then:

  • Loop recording is SUCH a necessary tool for DIY recording artists (as is a metronome when actually recording). Sonar does a great job of allowing you to record multiple back-to-back "takes" in a single track, that you can later review, slice, 'n' dice.
  • The said slicing and dicing process is pretty cool.  It's proved to me that 100 monkeys banging away on a piano (or cello) really could recreate Beethoven's 9th if you let them bang around long enough.
  • Many more musicians on TV wear cowboy hats when you're watching TV in North Carolina.

It's true.  I'm on vacation (excuse me, I meant "VayCay") in NC, and they're all over the place.  Beware y'all...if I record vocals too soon after returning to NY, there may be a slight twang in my voice.  (No offence to Office Overlord, of course.)

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I have a friend that left New Hampshire for college in Rock Hill, SC (just outside Charlotte), last fall. When he came home for the winter, he was wearing a cowboy hat and was listening to Toby Keith. I think it may be something in the water down there, so be very careful!

I'll no doubt need to have my guard up. So far, so good. One highlight for today was speaking to a guy I could not understand -- he sounded a lot like the 'mumble-mouth-ish' character on King of the Hill, no joke. Quite nice, though.

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