ARCHIVE: Audio Streaming

September 18, 2007

Jango, Awesome Music Discovery Engine - Next Pandora?

I'm checking out the new custom radio & social networking site, Jango.  (Currently listening to "Red" by Elbow, a band I'd never heard of, but which I'm currently digging.)It's pretty sweet, sorta like a Pandora meets  I like the... Read More

March 19, 2007

Create Digital Music Interviews Pandora Founder

Two great posts from Peter at Create Digital Music -- if you're a Pandora fan or just love internet radio, they're a must-read:Interview with Pandora Founder: Royalty Rate HikeInterview with Pandora Founder: How Pandora Works... Read More

March 06, 2007

Internet Radio Gets Royalty Rate Smack Down

Ouch.  The Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) announced its decision decision to adopt the "per play per customer" royalty rate proposal made by SoundExchange (the RIAA-created digital music fee collection service).  As a result, webcasters will have to pay, retroactively:2006   $.0008... Read More

January 30, 2007

LightSpeed Audio Labs Launching at Less Than LightSpeed

What can I say, I'm impatient.  How can you not be excited about a technology that claims to enable real-time audio collaboration (not MIDI, which is what most real-time technologies offer...which is still pretty cool, mind you)?  In May of... Read More

January 29, 2007

iJigg, A Cool Digg-Like Popularity-Based Music Site

If you've ever used Digg (note the little Digg button under this post), you'll get iJigg, but for those who haven't -- songs are uploaded by indie and unsigned artists into a mega-pool of music.  Surfers check out the new... Read More

January 14, 2007

Updates to

This weekend may have been one of the most active and surprisingly productive in a while for me: Worked on my next song, "Take a Stand", and now have the chord progression for a pre-chorus and chorus.  Chorus lyrics are... Read More

August 16, 2006

Listening to Customized Online Radio With Pandora

I was playing with Pandora the other day, looking for new bands to listen to and download to my iPod.  If you haven't tried it yet, give it a shot; it's a recommendation engine that uses acoustic and song arrangement properties... Read More

May 11, 2006

LightSpeed Audio and Real-Time, Online Collaboration

A press release about Lightspeed Audio caught my attention last week.  The NJ-based company just got $1.25M in funding for their real-time, online collaboration solution.  Sounds pretty cool.  According to the article:The explosive growth of the Internet...has provided Lightspeed Audio... Read More

February 03, 2006

American Idol Pay-For-Rotations Music Site

American Idol recently launched American Idol Underground, a music hosting site capitalizing on the show's brand name and its audience's dreams of stardom.Any artist can get a free profile page with gig promotion and fan club management.  Song submission, however, requires... Read More

January 18, 2006

Interview With Creator, Gideon Marken

I mentioned an interview with Gideon was approaching, and voila. For those unacquainted, Gideon Marken is the programmer/musician that single-handedly built and maintains ArtistServer, a free music-hosting platform that empowers artists with music promotion tools including blogs, podcasts, feeds, newsletters,... Read More

January 05, 2006

ARTISTServer: One Man, Thousands of Artists

Vision and drive. Two huge intangibles that work wonders. Enter Gideon Marken and his brainchild, ArtistServer. Named one of the best music hosting services by Time along with GarageBand and CDBaby, ArtistServer empowers bands with the ability to host, stream,... Read More

December 12, 2005

Get Your Flow at

Podcast NYC has created yet another media channel focused on the independent music scene in New York City. The new, video iPod-compatible service, iMusic Flow, features videos of live performances of various NYC bands in different NYC clubs. Rob at... Read More

October 12, 2005

Streampad Music Mashup: Google Maps, Amazon,

This is pretty cool. Streampad is a new web application that lets you: 1) stream your music collection to any internet-connected machine, 2) see where those machines are located (via a Google Maps), and 3) display the appropriate album cover... Read More