Amie Street and its Popularity-Based Mp3 Pricing Model

Amie Street mp3 downloadsThere are a million digital music stores out there, and Amie Street has successfully broken through with an incredibly unique concept that seriously rocks.

Get this:

  • New songs uploaded by unsigned & indie artists start out at a price of $0.00.  (Thereby encouraging people to visit the site.)
  • As the song gets purchased by more fans, the mp3's price increases up to a max of $0.98.  (Thereby encouraging artists to promote it like crazy.)
  • If you're the first to find a song before it goes up in price, you get credit towards more songs.  (Thereby encouraging everyone to try and listen to new stuff as much as possible.)

Artists get heard, and music lovers get cheap music plus the thrill of the "hunt".  How sweet is that?

UPDATE:  I just bought my first song, "Some One Turning" by Arctic, for $0.16. Nice.

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Awesome write-up man, I'm so glad you like the site!

Well, this was a nice surprise on my newsfeed this morning. Thanks very much!

Well, I'm flattered, thanks for reading!

Elias: Keep up the great work with the site, I'm really enjoying it. (I especially look forward to uploading a couple tracks, once they're finished.)

Kirsten: Any time. :) I found your song in the list of "Editor's Picks", and really liked it. I'd love to know how/where you recorded it.

All of "Music for Rain" was recorded and mixed by Marcus at his home studio, here in Vancouver (before I was involved in the project).

When he plays live & solo, those two songs sound the same as they do in the recorded versions - he plays with a looper so he can record himself as he plays and layer the recordings. It's amazingly cool to watch - I've seen him play countless times and I never get tired of it.

With a full band, it's the same songs, but pretty different sound (I'm on bass & backing vocals & sometimes keyboards).

Really glad you enjoyed it - I'll pass your comments along to the guy who earned them ;)

Awesome, that's very cool. The sound quality is great, and of course, I love the song itself. Thanks for sharing!

(That reminds me of when I saw Howie Day perform live using a Loop Pedal...pretty amazing stuff.)

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