A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila - MTV's Next Great Show

A shot at love with Tila TequilaOMG, we are like totally entering the heyday of music television.  (That was what "MTV" once stood for, kids.)  MTV is launching a new reality show featuring Tila Tequila (remember, the ultra MySpace-friendly phenom?) called A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila on October 9th.  16 men and 16 women living in a mansion together will compete for her bisexual "love"; it's the Flavor of Love / I Love New York / Rock of Love formula.  ...Oi vey.  On a positive note, the show won't be focusing on her painful music (her single, "I Luv You", sold a few thousand copies...not bad, but not great when you have an audience of 2-3 million...it was seriously awful).

What's the reality show's big hook?  According to Tila (Nguyen) Tequila: 

GUYS AGAINST GIRLS....WHO WILL I END UP HOOKING UP WITH????? WILL I BE STRAIGHT OR LESBIAN IN THE END?????  So this is what my new ground breaking reality show will be about.

WOW.  You simply can't beat a ground-breaking concept like that.  In case you can't wait for the October 9th season premiere, check out the Vietnamese vixen and wanna-be musician here:

  • Tila Tequila Merchandise - CDs, posters, magazines 'n' stuff 
  • Wikipedia page - A wiki all about Tila's (text only) history
  • MySpace page - her blog, some (semi-nude) pics, and other myspace stuff
  • Tila's Hot Spot - Tila's website full of (mostly nude) pics, blogs, quotes, photos...etc.  (I'd prefer not to link to it, for fear of search engine penalties relating to p#rn...)
  • Show site - Website for "A Shot at Love With Tila Tequila" (URL to be determined...)
  • Single Flop - FutureMusic talks about her disappointing single sales

Despite her painful music, it looks like she's succeeding in leveraging her other assets.  (YESS!)  Ok, enough.  I've gotten into a nasty habit of writing about reality shows, lately...


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I totally spaced it, but I was going to mention this to you the other day. Despite my normal aversion for such celebretards, this show seems like the Holy Grail.

Thanks for the thought. :) Yup, Tila's ditty sounds like a real winner. I'm being sarcastic, yet...I'll probably be there for the first episode, at least. sigh...

Hey, she made the Tolerability Index this week!


hey just wanted 2 say that i love ur music and love ur new show shot at love... well im happy that you made that show because people need 2 now that lesbians could fine love 2.... but im cool with the fact that your bisextual..

tila u r really hot but i can't go out with you because i'm straight but hey i would turn bisexual just to b wit u.

tila you seem so cool and im only 13 oh i LOVE your smile

this show is disgusting. it is an EXTREME explotation of the true struggles gay, lesbian and bisexual people have to go through from day to day. bi- and homosexuality is not a trend, it's not a fashion statement, it is a lifestyle. shows like this present a one-sided view and only serve to perpetuate discrimination and ignorance concerning this issue by stereotyping the way bisexuals come to terms with their sexuality.

Wow. God Tila if I was on that show I would sweap you away. I love your music and your kick ass personality so much. Later girl.

Hit ya girl up.


OMG Tila, your show is freakin' amazing. You have a pretty smile too!

I love how your hearts in the right place and your minds ok with it all. At first i didnt like you butnow i love you! your awesome girl.

LOL at all the fools thinking that this is Tila Tequila's blog.

i love your show girl go a head fine the girl or a boy of your dream

Fucked UP show
Tila ur heart broken coz ur skank

hey girl i hope u find your boy or girl and member to pick the right one!!!love your show

hey girl i hope u find your boy or girl and member to pick the right one!!!love your show

So, I thought this show was gonna be a joke, but its actually getting good even though Tila is kinda confused on what she wants. If Danni gets eliminated, she should call me! She's so fucking hott!


Omg I just found out about your show and loved it. Wish I had known about it earlier so I could watch all the episodes.

Domenico should get his own show.
He's fucking amazing.

OMG i love your show i9f only i was like you i would a whole lot more attention

yo I'm gay and I watch your show every night I hope you find the right one. Just some advice go for a girl... they'll treat you so much better. I've been with my girl for around 8 months and it's so much happier than when I was with a guy. lovin the show

omg i am loving your show my fav is danni she is one cool bitch if i was there that girl would totally be mine... well got to go k later

Damn ppl I want Dani FOR MYSELF!!! She's hottt!!! omg

i love your show anyways stay with bobby his cute

Dani is so hot and sweet. I am not a lesbian, but she could make me give it a try.

Hey!! Tila....
I love ur show and i hope that u find the right person...and i just want to let u know that ur to beautiful, and that i hope that one day I'm going to find a person with the same qualitys that u have...i hope i can get to know u

Noooo, not Brandi...she is sooo sexy!! If you don't take her Tila, I will ;-) wink

I think this shows pretty cool. Tila ur probly so used to this but ur more then beautiful. Danni seems like thee best person there and it would be a shame to see her leave. And shes so sexy too. Ud make a fuckin kick ass couple!!
Happy Eliminating.

hey tila i love your showw and i hope u find te rite girl/guy i really wish u would pick a girl 'cause they are so mutch more respecting that guys i mean personally all guys have wanted me for was sex idk if thats all they have wanted but personally girl i totaly hate guys i'm a lesbian i had to make the choice when i was 10 'cause i was allready really grown up and my sis asked me if i new what lesbian ment and i said ya i do and she said r u and i paused and said ya and then she told my mom and my mom was understanding about it but it was hard to tell my sis and admit to my mom but i new in my heart that i was lesbian. i am totaly in love with your show but my mom doesn't like me watching it she said that it isn't rite that girls r liking girls she is so oldschool well girl i'll keep in touch and i hope u will keep in touch with me to well i g2g luv u and ur show bye.

Hey Tila I think that you should pick Dani.... She is the best one for you. Plus Dani is really freakin hot.

why did u send goerg home he is hot,nice,strong.

why did u send goerg home he is hot,nice,strong.

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