ARCHIVE: January 2006

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January 30, 2006

How to Break an Act

Breaking An Act is a good post giving practical advice to new bands trying to make it big.  Most of it is practical - I'd still look to Bob Baker for creative marketing ideas.  A good read, though.(via SpinMe)... Read More

January 26, 2006

Interview with Jonathan Schreiber, Xingtone CEO

I had a chance to speak with Jonathan Schreiber, CEO of Xingtone, about their latest beta service launch, mStore.  As I mentioned yesterday, mStore allows artists to create ringtone stores for their music, and even offers a free mStore option... Read More

January 25, 2006

Real Launches RealCommunity, Unsigned Artist Site

RealNetworks just launched RealCommunity, free music community that lets unsigned groups and artists upload their own music, create profile pages and sell their music online.RealMusic and RealGuide users will be exposed to top-ranking artists (based on user rankings) in RealCommunity.  Both digital... Read More

January 24, 2006

XingTone Launches mStore, Ringtone Store Creator

Xingtone, developer of ringtone- creation software, recently launched a beta version of mStore, a self-serve ringtone store generator.One cool mStore feature is the ability to both create an external store that Xingtone hosts, as well as insert the actual mStore... Read More

January 23, 2006

GarageBand 3 Hits The Streets

I'm sure you've heard that Apple's GarageSpin 3, er, GarageBand 3 is out.  Many of the new features involve beefing up podcasting options.  Some of the new features include:Insert images/photosMore sound effects, instrumentsSpeech enhanceriWeb (web publishing)iChat (conference recording)iMovie scoring (sync... Read More

January 18, 2006

Interview With Creator, Gideon Marken

I mentioned an interview with Gideon was approaching, and voila. For those unacquainted, Gideon Marken is the programmer/musician that single-handedly built and maintains ArtistServer, a free music-hosting platform that empowers artists with music promotion tools including blogs, podcasts, feeds, newsletters,... Read More

January 11, 2006

Happy 100th Birthday, Inventor of LSD

Albert Hofmann, the Swiss chemist who accidentally discovered LSD in 1938, turns 100 today.  He was also the drug's first guinea pig, originally intending it for medicinal use."I sat down at home on the divan and started to dream," he... Read More

January 10, 2006

Muze & Gracenote Hook Up

Muze and Gracenote announced a partnership to offer a solution that combines music identification technology and services, metadata, album cover art, album reviews and artist biographies in one unifed system.  Muze is contributing the editorial content, and Gracenote's covering the music... Read More

Music at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Last week was insane, with CES 2006 taking place, etc.  As you may have been able to tell, I spent more time reading about newly launched music services and hardware than I did writing about it.  So be it.Seamless mobility... Read More

January 05, 2006

ARTISTServer: One Man, Thousands of Artists

Vision and drive. Two huge intangibles that work wonders. Enter Gideon Marken and his brainchild, ArtistServer. Named one of the best music hosting services by Time along with GarageBand and CDBaby, ArtistServer empowers bands with the ability to host, stream,... Read More

January 01, 2006

Best Indie Music of 2005

Happy New Year, everyone!!John Sakamoto said it best:  "..trying to force a structure upon an entire year's worth of music is a fool's mission at best, an exercise in self-delusion at worst."  But hey, why not try.  Here are a... Read More