ARCHIVE: December 2005

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December 30, 2005

Submit Music For Australian Motorsport DVD

Since we're on the subject of submitting music for soundtracks, here's another opportunity:Smooth Motion Films from Western Australia is inviting all bands to submit music for consideration in their motorsport DVD, Motorvation 2006.  Selected bands get credits, website links, a free... Read More

Submit Music For Soundtrack in Collaborative Film

B.Sting Entertainment is inviting unsigned musicians to submit music for consideration in the soundtrack for the feature film The People's Moviea.What's interesting about this film's production, is that many crucial decisions will be made by fans of the movie at, including... Read More

December 28, 2005

For Guitarists - The Third Hand Capo

Happy Holidays, y'all.  I hope you've all received the music gear you've been hoping for this season.One of several gifts I got was a brilliant little ditty called the Third Hand Capo.  (for non-guitarists, a capo is a device guitarists... Read More

December 23, 2005

Sonar vs. Cubase vs. Pro Tools vs. Acid

Digital Music Doctor, a site that sells 2-3 hour video courses for music product software packages, reviewed Sonar 5, Cubase 3, Pro Tools 7, and Acid Pro 5 to compare price, audio features, MIDI features, and special functions in an "Ultimate Shootout".Who won? ... Read More

December 22, 2005

CrossDogs, Christian Artist Booking Service, Launches

CROSSDOGS, a Christian artist booking service, will launch January 1 to begin connecting independent Christian bands with venues industry peeps including promoters, venues, churches, festivals, contests, agents, managers, merchandisers, producers, etc.Membership costs bands $49.95, allowing bands to create an Electronic... Read More

December 21, 2005

Google Music Search

For anyone that missed it, Google stepped into the music space last week by offering enhanced music search results including artist info, album art, reviews, lyrics, and store links.  Google announced it here, and CNET talks about it here.Nothing huge, but it will... Read More

December 19, 2005

"Lazy Sunday Afternoon" video ("The Narnia Rap").

Tooo funny. If you haven't seen this Saturday Night Live video yet, check Chris Parnell's "Lazy Sunday", aka "The Narnia Rap" clip, and the brilliant lyrics that follow. It's one of those shorts that renews your faith in Saturday Night... Read More

December 15, 2005

Lighter Wallpaper For Non-Smoking Concert Goers

I found this kind of amusing. ModTones sells lighter wallpaper ("RockLighter") for non-smoking music fans that find themselves ill-prepared for concert hits. "..Find yourself awkwardly swaying your empty hands over your head during rock show power ballads? Or worse -... Read More

December 14, 2005

CD Baby Partners With Best Buy

Way to go, CD Baby. Best Buy found that a growing number of customers were asking for independent music not carried by Best Buy, so they turned to CD Baby to deliver. The relationship is only online, currently. If you... Read More

December 12, 2005

Interview With Podcast NYC Creator, Rob Safuto

As promised in my last post about iMusic Flow, an interview with its architect, Rob Safuto of Podcast NYC, follows below. Rob's a blogging, podcasting, and videocasting machine, as well as a indie music (and general media) guru. Check it... Read More

Get Your Flow at

Podcast NYC has created yet another media channel focused on the independent music scene in New York City. The new, video iPod-compatible service, iMusic Flow, features videos of live performances of various NYC bands in different NYC clubs. Rob at... Read More

December 08, 2005

GarageBand Launches GCast, Podcast Studio Spin Off

GarageBand recently launched GCast, a spun out version of the GarageBand Podcast Studio. As with the Podcast Studio, users get free hosting, can mix playlists, and record audio by phone, all for free. I love the idea of managing a... Read More

December 07, 2005

Real World Digital Audio, Peter Kirn's New Book

Composer, musician, writer, and teacher, Peter Kirn (though you'll know him best as the editor of the awesome music production blog, Create Digital Music) is about to launch his new book, Real World Digital Audio: Industrial Strength Production Techniques. It's... Read More

December 05, 2005

Ringtone Songwriters

Sick of song writing? Try ringtone writing. Some musicians are trying to get a piece of the exploding ringtone business ($2 billion in annual worldwide revenues for record labels) by producing 20 second stories. The practice is similar to writing... Read More

December 02, 2005

DEMX 2005 Award Winners Announced

The DEMX 2005 award winners were announced yeterday -- congrats to all! Sonos, Motorola, and Yahoo! came up big. Below is the full list of finalists and winners in the Music category. (Winners in the Game and Film, TV... Read More

iZotope Vinyl Simulation Plug-In (it's free!)

iZotope is offering a free download of their iZotope Vinyl LP Simulation Effect Plug-In. The plugin creates authentic “vinyl” simulation using 64-bit processing and advanced filtering, modeling and resampling. Users can modify a ton of crazy parameters including mechanical noise,... Read More