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August 31, 2005

Boosting CD & Merchandise Sales

If you're actively gigging musician, you know the importance of successfully selling CDs and merchandise. Bob Baker, author of the Indie Music Promotion Blog, and the Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook, recently posted a list of Top CD and Merch Sales... Read More

August 30, 2005

Creating a Podcast With Blogger and FeedBurner

Podcasting News wrote up one of the best, most idiot-proof guides for creating a podcast. The step-by-step instructions use screenshots to illustrate how to start podcasting using Blogger and Feedburner. It doesn't get much easier than this...especially if you aren't... Read More

August 29, 2005

MTV Music Video Awards Wrap-Up

The MTV Music Video Awards took place last night. In case you missed them (like I did), here are a few quick highlights: * Green Day cleaned house with 7 awards. * Fat Joe and 50 Cent's respective posses almost... Read More

August 25, 2005

Podsafe Music Network Officially Launches

The Podsafe Music Network went live this week, after having been in beta for little over a month. The site looks good. It must be the ABSOLUT Vodka sponsorship. Podcasters will be happy.... Read More

Stellar Biz Model: Warner's CD-Free "e-Label"

Warner Music's chairman and CEO, Edgar Bronfman Jr., talked about their new, experimental music distribution model that relies on digital downloads instead of CDs. Warner Music's e-Label: * Artists will release clusters of songs every few months, instead of entire... Read More

August 24, 2005

Google Talk Music Broadcast "Hack"

Google Talk, Google’s IM (instant messaging) and VOIP (voice over internet protocol) application, launched yesterday. Very cool. (an aside, it's one step closer to Om Malik's vision of a GoogleNet, a global internet provider that could supplant all telecoms...spooky) The... Read More

August 21, 2005

eJamming Beta - Message From President

eJamming is an application that lets musicians jam online in real time. eJamming President, Alan Glueckman, updated me on the development of eJamming's beta version for the Mac: Just wanted to let you and your readers know that we put... Read More

August 19, 2005

GarageBand: Interview With Patrick Koppula, COO

GarageBand's online, grass-roots, independent music community is an awesome source of exposure, fan feedback, and promotional tools for musicians. They've generated a lot of buzz with a number of cool applications and features: the GarageBand Podcast Studio (a free podcast-creation... Read More

August 18, 2005

Podcasting and GarageBand

A little coincidence... Today, Glenn Reynolds from Tech Central Station talked about podcasting in his article, Podcasting and New Media. He discusses the emergence of Podcast DJs, the new avenues of promotion available to unsigned artists, and the copyright issues... Read More

Flow - Awesome.

I can't stop playing with Flow, a psychadelic, interactive music video Brad pointed out. Fan-friggin-tastic.... Read More

August 17, 2005

GorillaPop, Community Music Discovery Site

GorillaPop is a community music discovery site in development that contains a library of music submitted by independent artists. Users can search, play, rate, and create playlists for music, while music matching algorithms are used to connect users with similar... Read More

August 11, 2005

More Acts Going the Independent Route

Justin Glanville from the Associated Press wrote a nice article about the increasing number of signed artists going the independent route, taking the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) approach to financing records and tours, securing distribution deals, and promoting/marketing the music. Sing it,... Read More

August 10, 2005

Interview With Nathan Albee, CTO

Here at GarageSpin, we are all about the empowerment of artists. So is HotLocalMusic. HotLocalMusic provides artists, venues, managers and labels "with the tools and network relationships to reach music fans, build customer loyalty, and increase profitability." They offer a... Read More

August 09, 2005

Audio Technology Resource Directories

If you are hungry for more information regarding digital audio technology, try checking out Dave's Imaginary Sound Space. Dave has accumulated a number of extremely useful lists of audio-related resources, including media search engines, audio resources, audio plugins and patches,... Read More

August 04, 2005

Sound Lab Re-Opens, Announces New Partners

Sound Lab announced a grand re-opening of its subscription-based audio recording facilities, as well as new partnerships with Warner Latin and AMP3. From the press release: NYC Sound Lab is proud to announce its new partnership with Warner Latin; one... Read More

August 02, 2005

The Positive Pop Song Contest - Yippy Skippy!

Gee wiz, Beav! It's the Positive Pop Song Contest! But how do you know if your song is positive enough? Well, just make sure you follow the tried but true A-B-A-B-C-A-B song structure, and stick with major C, D, and... Read More

Interviews Coming Up...

I've got several really interesting interviews with experts in the music industry coming through the pipeline... This week, I shot the breeze with Nathan, CTO at HotLocalMusic, a company providing a variety of marketing services, including mobile marketing technology, to... Read More

August 01, 2005

Why "Bar Code" Album Artwork Is Bad

This is really quite funny. An 80's Hits compilation album was released in the UK with an enormous bar code displayed on its front cover. That alone wouldn't be a problem; however, cashiers are apparently scanning the huge bar code,... Read More