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July 28, 2005

$$ For Indie Labels: iTunes and Microsoft Up Royalties

Viva la music revolution!! You know conditions are improving for independent labels and unsigned bands when major music retailers are offering to pay artists MORE. Get this: iTunes USA raised their wholesale payout to 70 cents (from 65) per download... Read More

July 27, 2005

File Sharing Audio Project Made Easier

I posted in May regarding Halsey Bergund's "Speak Out: Musicians Must Unite to Keep Culture Free" audio project. He recently informed me that participating is a whole lot easier -- musicians can now express their support for file sharing online... Read More

Home Recorders Partnering With Pro Recording Studios

Home recording studios are here to stay. Are professional recording studios? Yes, but their roll will significantly change. Dave Amlen wrote an article in Music Dish making a case for why home recorders should partner with professional recording studios. It's... Read More

July 26, 2005

Guitars R Us -- Basics, Modifications, Brands, Effects

If you're a guitar geek, or even an aspiring guitar geek, you should check out Alex's Electronic Modifications for Guitar. This site is absolutely awesome. Alex provides numerous guitar modification tutorials, starting with basic explanations of guitar functionality, guitar schematics,... Read More

July 25, 2005

Cakewalk Sonar 4 Announcements

Cakewalk busted out a couple announcements while I was gone. First, was the release of both SONAR Home Studio Version 4 and SONAR Home Studio Version 4 XL. The cost will be $149 and $229 respectively. The premium XL version... Read More

10 Year Reunions

Please pardon the brief hiatus, I was playing the role of wingman to my wife during her 10 year reunion this weekend. One classmate of hers attended with all seven children she's had since graduating from highschool. I felt both... Read More

July 20, 2005

Finance Your Album Project...Through eBay!

This is one of the more ballsy steps I've seen a musician take to finance the production of an album: He sold himself on eBay. Well, not his entire self. In an eBay auction, Indian singer/songwriter Shayan offered one quarter... Read More

Sonos Digital Music System Adds Podcast Support

It's oh-so-hot-and-trendy to support podcasts these days. So much so, it's easy to forget that most people haven't a clue of what a podcast is, yet. So, for all you early adopters, Sonos added podcast support and Apple iTunes 4.9... Read More

July 19, 2005

The Podsafe Music Network, A Great Place to Submit Music

So, I've been away for a bit, only to learn of another big accouncement -- Adam Curry, "the PodFather", launched the Podsafe Music Network in PodShow on Friday. Calling all musicians -- this is huge. Submit your music immediately! Basically,... Read More

July 14, 2005

Submit A Demo to the Independent Music World Series

Disc Makers has been running the 10th Independent Music World Series (the term "world" is a little bold, since the event takes place accross the US only), and the submission deadline for bands located in the Northeastern US is August... Read More

July 13, 2005

Keyboards Customized for Music Editing

Two words. Keyboard shortcut stickers. Editors Keys has created an entire business around creating software-specific "keyboard shortcut" stickers for Avid Xpress, Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Steinberg Cubase, Cakewalk Sonar, Propellerhead Reason, Digidesign Pro Tools and Adobe Photoshop. Oh baby.... Read More

July 12, 2005

OPML Meetup in NYC

Dave Winer, the mack daddy behind podcasting technology, demoed his new OPML tool in NYC today. (OPML = Outline Processor Markup Language -- explanation here) The techies were giddy. The venture capitalists were calculating. I mostly just fed on the... Read More

Frustration in the Home Recording Studio

I spent a frustrating basement session last night with a song I've been trying to produce, "Spinning Daydream." Frustrating, partly because I accidentally deleted the Mixer in a Reason 3.0 file, resulting in the loss of all volume automation for... Read More

July 11, 2005

Make Music in Your Palm

I now officially want a Palm. And it's all because of this music editing software by ChocoPoolp. If you thought loud cell phone users were annoying, try standing next to a musician recording rock vocals while in line at... Read More

July 08, 2005 URL Up For Sale

Ya like podcasting? Got cash to burn? is up for sale.... Read More

The Top 10 American Rock Bands EVER

You may have wondered to yourself, "Which bands are the best American rock bands ever?" USA Today conducted a poll to answer that question once and for all. The winners are (drumroll): 1. Pearl Jam 2. Aerosmith 3. Van Halen... Read More

NPR Featured Artist (and free song download)

I love NPR's "All Things Considered" and "All Songs Considered." They have a knack for finding talented songwriters with interesting stories. A recent story was brought my attention, that of singer-songwriter Sufjan Stevens, who's attempting to explore each of the... Read More

July 07, 2005

Mobile Radio Empowers Unsigned Artists

Unsigned musicians have begun using a new distribution channel to bypass record labels and earn a larger share of revenue from sales. Andy Cato of Groove Armada has teamed up with O2 in the UK to offer tracks for download... Read More

Podcast Market - Fact or Fiction?

For a mere $1,495, you can get the latest Diffusion Group podcast report, Podcasting as an Extension of Portable Digital Media – Fact, Fiction, and Opportunity, released yesterday. Before you do, be sure to read Om's take on the predictions.... Read More

July 06, 2005

Band Creates Pre-Release Buzz Through Podcasts

Detroit rock band The Transfer has been able to generate significant online buzz for its album Romantics & Addicts by submitting the single "Down With Everything" to podcast and internet radio stations. A nice alternative promotion vehicle success story. Unsigned... Read More

Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe Effects Box

Every now and then, a product announcement outshines all others. The Metasonix TX-2 Butt Probe Effects Box announcement emitted a blinding light from my inbox last weekend. "You're a GUITARIST, aren't you?" Metasonix asked, to which I thought, Yes. "Then... Read More

July 05, 2005

Digital Bear Entertainment Music Publishing: Song Submittion

Digital Bear Entertainment Music Publishing is looking for recorded music to place in TV, commercials, and feature films. At this time, they're particularly interested in Metal instrumentals and R&B, though all genres are accepted. One thing that's great about this... Read More

July 04, 2005

Independence Day Rap: Founding Fathers

In the spirit of the Fourth of July, check out the best interactive Independence Day rap video ever: "Founding Fathers!"... Read More

July 01, 2005

Oasis CD Manufacturing and HostBaby Team Up

Oasis CD Manufacturing enlisted HostBaby (a division of CDBaby) to provide web hosting and wizard-based automated website design to independent musicians. Upon reading this announcement, I checked out Oasis' services for the first time, and was impressed. They offer... Read More

iTunes Podcast Subscriptions Top 1 Million

Less than three days have passed since iTunes 4.9 launched, and iTunes podcast subscriptions have already topped 1 million. Unbelievable. Rafat says it best: Listen up folks...There's a simple and primary reason Apple is the market leader in digital music... Read More