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May 18, 2005

"iPod Tax" to Combat Online Piracy

What an asinine idea.

MP3 Player Tax Considered in the NetherlandsA new law is being considered in the Netherlands, the so-called "iPod tax", that would be added to the cost of purchasing any digital music player. The assumption is, some music on every portable MP3 player is illegally downloaded, therefore, the music industry should be compensated.

What a great way to piss off customers and encourage massive file sharing. Quite frankly, if I was forced to pay for assumed P2P activity, I would immediately take advantage of such services to meet all my music needs.

The approach being considered is similar to that taken in the 1970's, when a tax was created for blank audiocassettes. Of course, such cassettes were made specifically for the purpose of duplication. MP3 players, however, host both legitimate and illegitimate media.

The tax law is gaining interest in the UK as well. A similar law was proposed in Canada last year, but was shot down. At least Canadians "get it."

May 18, 2005 01:30 PM

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