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May 31, 2005

MySpaces, An Awesome Place to Promote Music

MySpace is a social networking Web site offering tools allowing anyone to post personal info, photos, blogs, message boards, music (up to 4 tracks) and video they've created. It's been hugely successful, partly because it offers so many great free... Read More

May 30, 2005

New GarageSpin Banner

You may have noticed the addition of a new GarageSpin banner (as well as a new "About" page for GarageSpin). What do you think of it? I also created a mockup incorporating an image of a CD like the old... Read More

Nick Lachey Project Update

The Nick Lachey Project, an upcoming MTV reality TV show originally scheduled to air in April 2005, was apparently postponed until late summer according to FMQB. No official premiere date has been set yet. In case you've forgotten the show's... Read More

May 28, 2005

More GarageBand Podcast Studio Info...

More about the GarageBand Podcast Studio launch that took place a few days ago. Todd points out a good article in CNET about the launch, and goes on to muse, "...these types of tools could prove to be valuable to... Read More

May 26, 2005

Record Labels: Indies vs. Majors

There's a nice Cliffnotes-ish comparison between the potential paths that can be taken by artists, i.e. the choice between going the indie label route or the major label route. Though a little outdated -- there's little or no mention of... Read More

May 25, 2005

More of a Reason To Jump Into Podcasting, or Create "Podcast Safe" Music

Unsigned musicians and bands should seriously consider both 1) starting a podcast, and 2) making their music "podsafe". Why? Within two months, a new version of iTunes will support podcast feeds, according to Steve Jobs during the D3 Conference. Per... Read More

May 24, 2005

GarageBand Launches Podcast Studio, Free Podcast Tool

I have to hand it to GarageBand, GarageBand Podcast Studio is a pretty cool service that anyone can use. Check out the interface: Basically, you 1) add audio files from GarageBand's library of music, from your own PC, or via... Read More

May 19, 2005

Busy, Busy, Busy

All work and no play make Johnny a dull boy. (It's been a busy week.) After many requests and proddings, I'll finally be adding an "About" page for GarageSpin this week. (Baby steps, baby steps) Within the next week, I'll... Read More

May 18, 2005

"iPod Tax" to Combat Online Piracy

What an asinine idea. A new law is being considered in the Netherlands, the so-called "iPod tax", that would be added to the cost of purchasing any digital music player. The assumption is, some music on every portable MP3 player... Read More

"iPod Tax" to Combat Online Piracy

What an asinine idea. A new law is being considered in the Netherlands, the so-called "iPod tax", that would be added to the cost of purchasing any digital music player. The assumption is, some music on every portable MP3 player... Read More

May 16, 2005

IODA Named "Breakout Company" by Fortune

The Independent Online Distribution Alliance was named one of Fortune's "25 Breakout Companies". If you're unfamiliar with the company, they provide services to independent record labels and musicians similar to what The Orchard provides, but focus on digital distribution: IODA... Read More

May 13, 2005

Musicians Uniting in Song to Support File Sharing

Artist Halsey Burgund, of Aesthetic Evidence, is asking musicians to submit recordings of themselves expressing support for filesharing. He plans to incorporate these recordings in a remix track released under a Creative Commons license, focusing on the subject of filesharing.... Read More

May 12, 2005

Songwriting and Remix Competitions

There are hundreds of songwriting and remix competitions taking place accross the US. Here are two of them, with approaching deadlines: THE "RUNNING 2005" REMIX COMPETITION Submission Deadline: May 16th, 2005 Task: Take loops provided to you by Rebel Region... Read More

May 11, 2005

Mouse-Over Cymbal Crashes -- Woohoo!

At some point, we’ve all dreamed about ravaging a drum kit with caveman-like, reckless abandon. How about the next best thing? A point-and-click virtual drumkit – too fun! The keyboard option is useful for tricky Stewart Copeland drum solos. (Originally... Read More

Yahoo Launches CHEAP Music Subscription Service

Big news from Yahoo, which launched Yahoo Music Unlimited. Dave Goldberg, vice president and general manager, Yahoo! Music, stated, "For a great value, users get to listen to as much music as they want, while utilizing superior innovations in playlist... Read More

May 09, 2005

BMI Launches New Songwriter/Artist Podcast

BMI, a major public performance rights-licensing agency, is entering the world of podcasting. The company announced that it will release a series of podcasts called "See It Hear First" that feature unsigned artists and target the music industry's A&R departments.... Read More

Studio Stories, About the Great NYC Recording Studios

Digital Home Recording Studios have taken the place once occupied by the enormous, glorious, and acoustically superior recording studios that produced so many hit records in the last half century. Though many recording studios have begun closing their doors in... Read More

May 05, 2005

Cinco De Mayo!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! And it's Mike's (at Hacking Netflix) birthday! Two great reasons to get a little Tequilla-silly.... Read More

May 04, 2005

NYC Sound Lab: Music Product Meets Gym Membership

Witness the evolution of recording technology solutions before your very eyes. First there were expensive, professional recording studios that labels dominated, and bands struggled to afford. Then, digital audio allowed mass migration to basement- and garage-based home recording studios. Now,... Read More

May 03, 2005

Blogger Geeks Hit Manhattan

I took a break from jamming last night to attend a blogger's "Geek Dinner". The posse ended up at Two Boots in Grand Central Station in NYC. Imagine, if you will, a spectrum of corporate, media-savvy suits sitting next to... Read More

May 02, 2005

Adam Curry to Host Sirius Satellite Slot Devoted to Podcasts

Adam Curry, x-MTV V-Jay and developor of software that lets people automatically receive podcasts on mp3 players, will now host a Sirius Satellite radio program devoted solely to podcasts. According to the NY Times (registration required): Mr. Curry will help... Read More

May 01, 2005 Lists GarageSpin as One of Top 5 Music Blogs

Julian McBrowne at About displays excellent taste, listing GarageSpin as one of the Top 5 Music Blogs. ;) Also listed were Music Thing (#1), Create Digital Music (#2), Engadget (#3), and Gizmodo (#4). GarageSpin brought up the rear at #5.... Read More