12 Great Music Social Networks

Mashable put together a nice little run down of what they think the 12 best music social networks are:

Flotones, Mercora Radio, MOG, Last.fm, GarageBand.com's iLike, JamNow, MusoCity, Haystack, Sonific, Midomi, iJigg, Sellaband.

There are simply too many of these to keep track.  Once I've finished song #2 and song #3 (I recorded some cello stuff today, by the way), I'll go through the arduous process of uploading my music to all of them.  Ok, maybe just to some of the music sites...

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You are so right - some of these are already out of date, iJigg has a host of copycat competitors, Sellaband is already being overtaken by Slicethepie and I cn't quite work out what Mog does that differs from 100 other sites out there

I agree, there are so many sites popping up that try to differ from one another but in fact most do the same. I guess Last fm is my absolute favourite. For discovering new bands I like garageband. @ damian: I never heard of slicethepie actually. I just checked the stats on alexa and sellaband's rank is around 31.000 while slicethepie is around 760.000 so 'overtaken' might be a bit exaggerated. I just signed up there but I can't figure out exactly what they do better then SellaBand?

Exactly. I'm completely overwhelmed by the volume of sites and underwhelmed by their lack of distinguishing features.

Widgets seem to be the next big thing...I'd love to see more viral-marketing-related stuff... Perhaps incentivised widgets fans can place on their sites that also help promote bands' music. Ah well.

I've heard of SliceThePie, but had not visited the site yet; I'll be sure to check it out. Thanks, Damian!

Last.fm is the best of all of them.

I agree there are so many sites popping up, but SoundClick.com is a great artist community site. They've been around for 10 years and are totally all about the MUSIC!

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