$$ For Indie Labels: iTunes and Microsoft Up Royalties

Thanks to A2IM, Indies Gain Major GroundViva la music revolution!!

You know conditions are improving for independent labels and unsigned bands when major music retailers are offering to pay artists MORE. Get this:

iTunes USA raised their wholesale payout to 70 cents (from 65) per download last week, according to Derek Severs at CDBAby.

Further, Microsoft will increase its payments to better level the playing field with major record labels, according to A2IM director Don Rose.

A2IM, the new trade group for independent labels, has only been in existence for a month or so, and is already packing a punch. Awesome.

...This is all going on after Sony BMG was exposed over charges for "Payola". (Check out these shady emails exchanged between Sony BMG and radio stations. Shame on you, Sony!) Less bribery means more open doors for great music that doesn't have major label backing.

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