The new McDonalds Filet O Fish Commercial may be one of the most impressive lyrical and musical creations of the year.  The filet o fish song itself is genius…possibly worthy of an eventual “filet o fish ringtone”.

If you haven’t experienced the musical myth, the lyrical legend that is the filet of fish commercial, then you need to check this immediately:

McDonalds Filet o Fish Commercial:

McDonalds Filet of Fish Ringtone (mp3):

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McDonalds Filet of Fish Commercial Lyrics:

For those of you who want to sing along, but can’t understand the talking-wall-fish, here are the filet-o-fish lyrics:

Give me back that filet o fish
Give me that fish
Give me back that filet o fish
Give me that fish

What if it were you
Hanging up on this wall?
If it were you in that sandwich
You wouldn’t be laughing at all!

Songwriters take note — it’s a new age of commercial jingles, it is. Speaking of which, for those that are curious, Pulse Music is the music house that created the song for the commercial.

Update: Check out the new 2010 follow-up commercial here.