Awesome. These guys went to a McDonalds drive-through and rapped their order into the speaker. The lyrics and beatbox are pretty good, but what I love even more, is when the order-taker says, “I’m sorry, I only caught the cheeseburger; can you throw that down again?”

To help you big-mac-rap along with the video below, I wrote down the words to the McDonalds rap below — just imagine a beatbox background and someone repeating “Big Mac” over and over:

McDonalds Rap Lyrics:
I need a double cheese burger and hold the lettuce

Don’t be frontin son — no seeds on the bun

We be up in this drive through order for two

I gots a cravin’ fo’ a numba nine like my shoe

We need some chicken up in here, in this hizzle

For rizzle my mizzle, extra salt on da frizzle

Doctor pepper my brothah, another for ya motha

Double-double supah size and don’t forget the fries

McDonald’s employees will be privy to a lot more rhyme-busting, now that these guys have paved the way with big mac rap lyrics ‘n’ goodness… McD’s couldn’t pay for a better PR campaign. I can see it now, Burger King vs. McDonalds rap battles, ringtone downloads, “MC Donald”…fogetaboutit.