You may have wondered to yourself, “Which bands are the best American rock bands ever?” USA Today conducted a poll to answer that question once and for all. The winners are (drumroll):

Pearl Jam is the Best American Rock Band EVER (per a USA Today poll...)1. Pearl Jam
2. Aerosmith
3. Van Halen
4. The Eagles
5. Journey
6. Guns’N’Roses
7. The Grateful Dead
8. Queensryche
9. The Doors
10. R.E.M.

Hm, interesting. It reminded me that most of my favorite bands are British. (To see bands #11-20 in the list above, check out the full USA Today Top American Rock Band list here.)

If you think your favorite band was shafted, FMQB is conducting their own Top American Rock Band survey here. Speak your mind!