Cool Band Names

Cool band names. We’ve all thought of one at some point, whether for a real band, or for hypothetical amusement. Juliet just didn’t get it:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other word would smell as sweet.”
–From Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 1-2)

Cool Band Name Brainstorming...The perfect rap, country, emo, or rock band name is an elusive find. We expect too much, looking for good band name ideas that spontaneously explode, speak volumes about our rock personna, instill awe in those that hear it, and easily translate into memorable URLs. Meanwhile, the list of unused band names grows shorter…as the number of aspiring rock stars sprout about.

GarageSpin has laid out one possible path you can take to discover and own a good name for your band.

1. Think of a Cool Band Name
Ok, easier said than done. Find it within yourself to create the ultimate band name. Or, try a band name idea generator…

Random Band Name Generator Sites:

Leon’s Random Generators – Besides a random band name generator, Leon includes random generators for song lyrics, chord progressions, and other amusing nonsense.

Rock’n'Roll Generator – Simple, efficient…and not very helpful. The last run generated the band name “Rump-Shaking Unborn Folksingers”. My band name search continues…

Band Name Maker – This band name generator allows you to insert an optional word into the mix. I tried a run with “GarageSpin” inserted; “Garagespin Tsunami” was the best result. (Or worst?)

2. Conduct a Band Name Search
Conduct a Google band name search for your chosen name, to make sure it hasn’t been taken. Then, check…

Band Name Registry Sites:

ASCAP and BMI – Two performance rights societies with large rosters that collectively cover most active, signed bands, as well as many unsigned acts.

Band Name – This site seems to offer much more than just a band name registry, such as classifieds, newsletters, and digital store functionality.

The Band Register – A band registry, A&R Network, and band name trademark info (band names are trademarked, not copyrighted) are included in this resource.

Check independent music sites as well, such as and, Phonolog (a listing of published albums), and don’t stop there. You don’t want to have to change your band’s name after two years of building a fan base for it.

3. Protect Your Band Name
What if your name is being used by another band? Protection and ownership of a band name involve both “territory” (where is the band and its fan base located), and “priority” (who used the band name first?). The question is too large to cover here, so I’ll save the answer for another post. If you’re serious about your band, you will want to eventually trademark your band name.

In any case, band name creation is a blast, even if you have no intention of actually starting a group. Do you have any best/worst band name ideas? Submit them below!

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June 7, 2005
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I always considered band name creation more of a feat of serendipity than a fun pastime. The king, of course, is Dave Barry, who would stop in the middle of a story about, say, the randy behavior of shrooming weasels, and say "('Boinking Like Shrooming Weasels' would be a great name for a band.)"

I feel the same way. Great band names, like nicknames and catchphrases, can't be forced; they just happened to stick. (When you try to force it, you end up with a name like "N*SYNC" or "DOGFIGHT". Need I say more?) Most of the time, they don't make any logical sense, and nobody would want to take the blame for coming up with that. It should also be somewhat self-deprecating, since people who say they are cool invariably aren't cool. Except that the pendulum may have swung far enough in that direction that people who think they can be cool by acting uncool are now actually uncool…I'm not sure anymore. All I know is that I'm naming my band "The Assmints", and that's that.

Ah, band names. Lately I’ve been digging bastardised phrase band names. Brian Jonestown Massacre, REO Speeddealer (although I think they’re just plain Speeddealer now), that kinda deal. I think a good band name has to sound as good as it looks – Ozzy Osbourne always said that he liked the name Black Sabbath because of the way the vowels sound. It’s funny how when you happen to catch a band with a crap name they are often AS CRAP AS THEIR NAME. I saw a band the other night called Scarlet Soho (nice use of alliteration tho’) and yes – ’twas pus. A friend of mine came up with these beauties a while ago – The Salivation Army, and my favourite – Fuck Rogers.

I don’t think of seriously starting a band, but the thought has come up to me on a few occcasions. One name that has come up to me is “Twinkle Toes”. I know it does sound a bit funny, but I kind of like the sound of it. I actually got the idea of naming it after a body part from the band “Powderfinger”. It came to me at that instant, ” Twinkle Toes”. I don’t except to use the name any time soon, but I hope I can use the name someday. I don’t have any money to buy any insrtuments anyway. I do have an acoustic guitar( I have never used it since I bought it). I don’t even know how to play a guitar yet. I really want to start a band.

Ian- Sydney, Australia

I don’t know how to play any instruments, can’t sing and can’t dance. But I just want to have a band! Not to actually play any music, just to be able to say “Yes, i’m in a band you know.” Oh, and to possibly get my band’s name on a T-shirt and to have people enquire about the obscure band. That would be ace.

Barry – Glasgow, Scotland

I want to start a rock band. I can sing, but I can’t dance. I don’t have any instuments, although I used to have a piano. That wouldn’t really suit rock music, though would it? I have come up with ‘Immortal Heaven’ or ‘Immortal Hell’. I can’t decide which one. I have come up with a MUCH cooler name now, but I’m not telling you.^^

Ive been in over 4 different bands (like purple-monkey-middle-finger, more than man and trial by fire) Me and my friends want to start another band (i wont tell the full name due to copywright reasons) Piou- C—ord. Yes were a christian band but w/e. we could use some more band ideas and fan support so feel free to e-mail me at

Well i play guitar have 4 abotu a year and a half we have a band called massacre of the innocent duno how we got it but just put it up there as as temp thing and i dont like it cos it sound so deathmetal like we wanna play liek metalcore deathcore rele just ne thign mad but i want kind of a off topic name where ppl will be put of fbuy the name but when they hear the music with chronic breakdowns and sweeps they will just love it

umm me and my friends want to start a band and we were thinking of the name “black rose” or “eclipse” but i don’t know if those are taken…

This is really helpful.i have a band but i dont know what to name it.this is the choices:
New York Beneath
Last Chance Love
Back to The Future
Missing Mommy
I think i like choice 2 and the last choice.without the tips i would have had my bands name stolen in a week.thanks guys

Me and my mates are in a band we were gonna call it flipside but some stupid rap band and magazine and website and everything had already nicked it ) = so we have thought of some names but i dunno if there any good here goes
lost cause, black ice, representing, hertz, iconic, origin and loads of other ones one that did make me laugh was lost pockets like lost prophets ( = please if u know a good name please post a reply thx

-Naked Toast and the butter knife.(lol)
-Zero down(cool)

-Euth (might use this is the near future)
- Youth an Eyes
- Turd covered in burnt hair
- Cereal Rapist
- Artamus/Artimise
- The letter S
- Kebert Xela
- FREE BEER (used already back in the 90's by a bar band)
- Cheap Drugs (same idea)
- Steve

My bands' name is Ambidextrous Octopus :)

you smell a** hole

Ambidextrous Octopus FTW! Sorry, I just liked the name. :)

we have no idea what to call our band!! do you have any suggestions. we have a battle of the band coming up!!

This was helpful.

I thought of a couple band names. i came to a conclusion, but i dont want to say it in case someone steals it. here are other ideas i would like others to use.

Dark Horizon
Damage Inc.
Deadly Angel


BTW, i DID NOT mention My Band Name. mine is pure genius that i dont want anyone to steal. :P

how about student freek?


hi person! we just need help with finding i band name that starts with the letter B.thanks!

cake person 26

i think that band names should not be shone to the world because it is very likely that someone would steal the names u came up with plus if u can come with all these names y dont you come up with a band of your own

y dont u tell people if ur such a genius

cross fade

u r flippin crazy

yes they are taken by bands in nyc

im trying to make a band but i don't what to call it i have a fue ideas
drunk love
misty dame
dead beat
lover lane
hope lane
drunken love



i like the name drunken love

ur name band could be new york beneath its really awesome

i came up with names and heres some examples

new york into planet

the blueprint fame

generating black eyed peac

try something like Six feet under, The final stand, The chemical inbalance, Sunny at midnight, or
Foggy distortion.

[...] a name on your own and if you want to look up if a band name is already protected by law check out this post at [...]

destroyed paradise

I’m starting a band to…but were also trying to find a name! It’s an all girl band. The runaways are our inspiration. Follow me on Twitter. Also on myspace.

hot ice cold fire is good at least i think

Well, Me and A Friend are starting a band. Im 13 and he's 15. He plays the drums and I sing. We are trying to find a really cool name. BUt we just can;t get one in our heads. Can you help us?

new york beneath is beastly

the angel beneth me
among the attraction
angels at the gates
united by fate
the razor blade romance

this website is pointless it says on google really cool band names theres not even any

OMG!!!! my band and i have the battle of the bands coming up and we have still not decided our name! as a band we have had many names but none have really stuck. so we need your help! please suggest some names for an all girls rock/pop band! please we need your help!

Blacks the new Epic! :D

black shadows…:)
how does that sound? :)

me and a freind are creating the most awesom band u will ever hear once we are famous ;P but we have no clue what to name it! were more alteritave rock, any ideas anyone?

I personally like my idea better in german, Sonntag Theoretisch. But since ya'll are gonna be like wtf i dnt kno wat that means it means "Sunday in Theory". There, ya happy?

Imma halp ya, Oscar: Unicorn City. Yah its immature, but think about it.

Hi, how are you? How long has this blog been around? I have been searching for this kind of information for the past week and a half. Greetings from Florida

me and my friends are starting a band named T._D._K

anybody got any good sond names maybe we can use

I got some good ones. How bout….

For All August
Reflect the Craze
Merchant to Medicine
Rating the Railways
Tool of Box
The Mundane Way
Flannel Feelings

Idk. Just some ideas

Im the drummer in a band and we have been together for two years, we play a sort of soft rock kind of style but have major difficulties in picking the name. we have had a few names and have a few in mind but cant decide. we have had lazy sundays, the irony, questions about fire and are currently frontline but hate it. we were thinking of some thing like arya or magnesium skyline but we just cant agree can anyone help, tell me what you think of the other ones thanks :)

I was in a punk band a few years ago and when we first formed, we were trying to think of the name that would offend the most people possible, but also had to sound catchy. We circulated names like The Clusterfuck Experience. Punching Pandas. Sniffing Sharpies. but finally wound up being most locally knows as The Cock Rockets. Those were the days =D


me and my friends are starting a band but there is a problem in the way we don't have a name we have tried millions but this sight helped us find a name thank you ! the band name is "heart of west" no one is aloud to steel it !

think of yourself and what band name you want and make shore it tells a story with one-four words

Friendly fire

all bridges burned

Pluto is a planet

wedding in wonderland

Signed in blood

The second of sorrow


well i have a couple of ideas like ”unforeseen past” or ”sacrifice to see” or ”proclaim liberty” or ”crimson affair” but its just some ideas but if you like any of them just give me your feedbak on facebook

hi-fi alleys

Hey Guys ^^
I'm forming a rock band with my older brother, but we have yet to think of a name, can yuh help us out??

the losers

Ive got a rock band name…..CRUSH!

hi i have some band names:

6 meters of fun

sour staps

flat ice

spotty penguin

water bugs

10 paradises

magic screen

i did not say mine!

Mine band plays real hard and is called “Right Angle”

Hey Guys… I'm forming a band n I'll be playing Almost everything from Rock -Death Metal….
Any ideas for a Great name ,….
I had a nice name "HEAVEN N HELL" … But later realized that it was already taken.. =(

i hope its ok we named our band thing naked toast :P and ere going on canadas got talent :P !!!

my band name is cuz band what do you think about that

[...] these band-naming web apps HERE: Posted in Band and tagged Band, Nice, photos by admin. Bookmark the permalink. « [...]


-Deadly Sins
-Blunt Vortex
-Sorry For Sorrow
-Burning The Remnants
- Infernal Punishment
-Beneath The Grave
- Blood Of Burden
-Great Escape
- Blowtorch massacre
- Darkness Enslave
- Dark Soul

Me and my friend need a name !!! Help??? something original but simple :l 1 word plzzzzz :D thankcoooo x

we really need a band name! it has to have either the word 'sisters' or 'singing' in it. thanks! :)<3

i want to start a country band. I play guitar..not a pro and sing okayish!! anyone in south texas?? I am girl by the way…lol im 21 so perferably someone in 20's or late teens!!! :)

[...] less. . . ."Hi, I'm Country Rob and This Is . . . ?"See these band-naming web apps HERE: Mikey G Ottawa says: June 25, 2012 at 1:07 amBy Popular Demand! . . . From Canada, [...]

How the heck did aerosmith get their name???!!!

Chic Murder
Hot Ice
Cherry Girl ( in relation to Cherry Bomb by the Runaways)
Tavii England, United Kingdom, Europe

country band still looking for a name here

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“Cool Band Names”. Do you care in cases where
Iincorporate some of your suggestions? Regards ,Veronica

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dude holy FUCK some of these band names are soooo kleshe. doesnt anyone ever think just a little bit outside the box? gosh people. it is kinda making me sick

"Pistol Dawn" Pissed til' dawn its a play on the word! ive had this name kicking around for over 20 years saw it on a tshirt.

My friends name is Haley and my name is saphire and we named our band backfire. Yea I k n ow kinda lame, but we like it so whatever. Try mixing your names and spelling them different.

I ment HAILFIRE!! I hate auto correct

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